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If you love Ford cars most probably you will love Mercury cars. Mercury is the luxury vehicle division of American automaker Ford Motor Company.

Mercury was founded in 1939 by Edsel Ford, son of Ford Motor Company founder, Henry Ford. Mercury cars are considered as entry-level-luxury cars somewhat in between Ford cars and Lincoln cars. It is famous in United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Island, and the Middle East but no longer in Canada and it is not popular in Asia countries.

Mercury Logo

Mercury logo

The first car that wear Mercury marquee is the Mercury 8 which was debuted in 1939. Mercury 8 is fitted with a 95 bhp V8 engine and it proved to be a big hit very fast in the first year.

In 1960s, we saw the birth of Mercury Comet and Mercury Meteor. Years later in 1967, one of the most famous Mercury cars in the decade was born, the Mercury Cougar. It was a big hit to muscle cars market. In 1970s, the market demand for smaller size car due to the oil crisis. We saw the birth of Mercury Capri and Mercury Bobcat. All the way from 1980s until today, there are many more significant Mercury models were introduced.

Mercury Cars History and Models

  • Mercury Grand Marquis (1983 – 2010) – One of the Mercury cars that has been living for more than two decades.
  • Mercury Mountaineer (1997 – 2010) – A 5-door SUV equipped with front engine and rear-wheel drive/four-wheel-drive system.
  • Mercury Milan (2006 – present) – The name Milan is derived from a well-known fashion city in Italy. Mercury Milan is a four door sedan and also known as the twin of the Ford Fusion.
  • Mercury Mariner (2005 – present) – It is identical to the Ford Escape but considered as an upscale model with luxury interior and Mercury’s signature “waterfall” front grille.
  • Mercury Marauder (1963 – 1965, 1969 – 1970, 2003 – 2004) – Mercury Marauder is one of the most sought-after muscle cars.

Mercury models are too many to be listed here. Besides the listed cars above, some other significant Mercury models are 1965 Mercury Caliente race cars, 1977 Mercury Maquis, Mercury Sable, Mercury Montego, Mercury Mystique, Mercury Topaz, Mercury Tracer, Mercury Villager, and 1940 Mercury coupes for sale. Mercury hybrid cars include Mercury Mariner Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid.

In 2010, Ford announced it will stop the production of all Mercury cars, mark an end to a car marque that live on the planet for more than 70 years. However, Mercury parts and accessories can be obtained via Ford or Lincoln dealerships. Mercury, Imagine Yourself in a Mercury now.


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