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Matte black Mini Cooper with scissor doors


Matte black Mini car
We are definitely not kidding, this is a classic Mini Cooper that has a pair of scissor doors just like what the Lamborghini Murciélago has. It looks like a new version of a Transformer car that can anytime transform to a small robot. Besides scissor doors, the car also has some distinguishing feature such as the hydraulic car boot, blue LED lights served as the illumination for the car door when it is opened up at night, rounded roof, and customized rear lights.

Matte black Mini with scissor doors
Painted in matte black, the car looks hot and cool with MK1 grille and a set of 13-inch deep dish wheels. The owner pick flat glass type signals lights instead of the traditional gentle slope orange signal light. Both the rear windscreens are sealed and we noticed there is a huge sub-woofer fitted in the trunk. It must be an eye-catching car when if it attend any car show. However, we were just wondering where is the chrome bumper for this car? As a Mini lover, how much you will rate this car out of 10 point?
Cool black car

Cool matte black mini


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