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Los Angeles police car auction


Here are some delicious tips for Los Angeles police car auction and where to find police car auction in Los Angeles, California. Police car auction is always one of the best places to look for cheap and reliable used cars without a single doubt. There are thousand of nice cars seized by Los Angeles police department and government every month. The seized cars including SUVs, passenger cars, sports cars, and sometime you can find some luxury cars.

A good reason why should you try out police car auction is because of the car price. There are some cars starts for bid as low as $100 dollars and some cars starts to bid from $500 dollars. Imagine you can get a car with the price that you may spend for a dinner at a nice restaurant. You may be able to make some profit because there is some margin between the auction price and current market price.

The auction cars are mostly impounded cars, repossessed cars, unclaimed cars, or cars that violated California state laws. All these don’t affect the car condition. Some good tips before going to the auction is to do your own research about what car model you prefer, find out the market price from any cars website, set a bottom price for yourself and make sure you prepare enough cash to go for the auction. Keep these four steps in mind and you will drive home with a nice car.

However, LA police car auction allow only locals to participate, which means you have to be LA residents. If you are from other state you may have to look for your local police car auctions through any police department or police station near you.

Where to find it?

LA State does not advertise for any car auction. You will have to enquire at any police station in your area or check through OPG (Official Police Garages). There are number of seized cars, repossessed cars, or even used cars from government departments available at the auction. Keep in mind that almost all cars from police car auction is sold “AS IS”, therefore you will have to take some risk in case the car need some repair.

Other than walk into your local police station, you can try online auction. The online auction is more or less like the actual auction. The only thing different is you bid for the car and put the price you want through your computer but not shout it out. Online is another great way to find out where are all the car auctions.


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