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Local police car auctions are one of the best ways to look for cheap used car. Here is the top 10 reasons why choose local police car from auctions. Car auctions often a great place for car buyers to look for affordable used cars even though buyer may have to put more time and effort to go for the bidding or go through all the auction documents. The effort is worth when you get a good car at the end of the auction.

Car auctions

There are many types of cars available in police auctions. Some of these cars are impounded cars, confiscated cars, lost cars, accident cars, cars that violated traffic rules or state laws, used police cars, repossessed cars, and among others. There are thousands of cars are seized by police department every month and these cars will be sell at auctions at cheaper price. With all these reasons, it creates the opportunity for car buyer to get their dream car at affordable price.

Another main reason why the police car auctions is good to hunt for used cars is the price. Most of the cars sell at auction start form as cheap as $100 dollars, yes it is $100 dollars and some cars with little age sell at 50% to 90% off market value.

On the other hand, some of the cars seized by police may have been impounded for a certain period of time. The car may not run for years and it is possible for you to get low mileage cars at low price. If you are in UK, try to search from governmentauctionsuk.com. The website provides information on where and when will be a car auctions in UK.

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Disadvantages of police car auctions

  • No test drive and you are not allowed to check the car condition before you decide to buy the car.
  • No warranties or guarantees. Most of the cars from auction will sell “AS IS”.
  • You will not know the history of the car. If the car comes with bad history or the previous owner has a lot of enemy, you may be the one that has to take the risk.

Although there are some disadvantages of buying cars from police car auctions, you can always be prepared before go to these auctions. You can check the car history by obtaining the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and check the car history at Carfax (A commercial web-based service that supplies vehicle history reports to public) to see if there is any bad history on the car.

In conclusion, if you are lucky you will still able to get a good car from auction. This is because most of the seized car auctions usually do have some cars that only been used for one to two years or even just months. It is good to get some nice cars although there are some risks when buying local police car auctions.


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