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Powerful, elegant, and luxury best describe Jaguar cars. For Jaguar, MalaysiaMiniLover give 100% support without a doubt and it should be one of your choices if you are looking for British made luxury cars.

Jaguar (Jaguar Cars Ltd), represent fear and elegant, is one of the most famous British luxury car manufacturer. Jaguar was founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922. In early days, the company was making motorcycle sidecars which are three-wheeled vehicle until after World War II, the company involved into making passenger cars.

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Jaguar Cars

The company was founded as Swallow Sidecar Company until 1945 the Jaguar name was given. Therefore, the first debuted Jaguar cars were named SS 90 and SS 100. In 1949, Jaguar introduced an extremely eye-catching sports car, the XK 120. At that time, everyone on the street will turn their head to look at the car. The XK 120 is a huge success and later on it was developed into XK 140, XK 150, and the E Type (Jaguar XKE in US) in 1961.

Jaguar continued to build many successful sports cars after the E-Type like the Jaguar XJ-S, Jaguar XJ220, Jaguar XKR (X100), Jaguar XK8, and the most recent Jaguar XKR (X150). Other than sports cars, Jaguar’s luxury executive car line has also recognized by luxury cars lover. Among them are the Jaguar Mark V, Jaguar Mark VII, VIII, IX, X, Jaguar 420G, Jaguar XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, and the recent Jaguar XJ (X350 and X351).

Why buy Jaguar Cars?

There are reasons why many car buyers look for new or used Jaguar cars for sale everyday in the internet and from car dealer. Jaguar well-known for luxury, the interior of every car are made of finest material. The classic Jaguar Mark 1, Mark 2, Jaguar 420, 240 & 340 are still highly demand by classic cars collectors.

Over the years, Jaguar cars are also well-known for having good resale values due to the durability of the cars. Among the best resale models for Jaguar are the Jaguar S-type, Jaguar X-type, Jaguar XF, XJ-Series, and XK-Series (See also what are the best resale models for Jaguar?). You will not lose a lot of money compared with some other cars.

Famous Jaguar Cars

Jaguar is currently wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd. In automobile industry, Jaguar competitors include BMW Cars, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Alfa Romeo Cars, Aston Martin Cars, Bentley Cars, Chrysler Cars, Lexus Cars, Maserati Cars, Rolls-Royce, and Volvo Cars.

Jaguar concept cars include the coolest ever Jaguar C-X75 which is a plug-in hybrid, two-seater sports car that appeared at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

These days, Jaguar are well-known for offering great cars and no one will ever regret buying Jaguar cars.


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