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iPhone Car Mount For Otterbox


Here are the top 3 best iPhone car mount for Otterbox that suitable for any cars. Normal iPhone car mount may not be able to hold your iPhone if the phone is in an Otterbox defender or any other kind of defender that makes the phone larger. This is because the footprint is larger and you will need a larger holder to handle it. It is the same whether it is iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, or any iPhone version with otter box.

iPhone car mount Otterbox
Car mount that is too big will not hold iPhone tight and the phone will fall down from the car. Therefore, you need one that is the best for your situation. Now we start the top 3 best iPhone car mount.

1. Brodit iPhone passive car cradle

This is one of the best to buy in terms of the price. With $35 dollars, you get a iPhone holder attached onto the car dashboard and it is always within easy reach, safe, and convenient. Brodit holder is mounted onto a tilt swivel and it is attach onto an adjustable ProClip mounting platform.

2. Kensington Power Port Car Mount for iPhone

This is one of the best selling car mount for Otterbox. Not only for Otterbox, it has a perfect docking solution for iPhone with any kind of case.

3. SlipGrip car mount for iPhone 4 with OtterBox Defender

Only $24.95, SlipGrip has brought us a good car mount especially for iPhone with OtterBox Defender. It fits any iPhone 4 with OtterBox Defender case on. It swivels 360 degrees for better viewing. It has no mechanical or springs to adjust to fit the iPhone. What is good is, it is cheap!

Otterbox Defender is made from highly durable materials and specially designed to protect iPhone, therefore it makes the phone slightly fatter. The cheapest car mount for iPhone with Otterbox defender is always those without any brand and mostly made in China. These are mostly available for sale in any car accessories shop or online stores. A cheap iPhone car mount we would recommend is Kensington K39256US Quick-Release. It is compatible to use for iPhone or iPod touch with any cases. Most important is, this model is now on sales at $9.95 so we will say it is the cheapest iPhone car mount for Otterbox available in the market.


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