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While Apple did not make iPhone car mount, here we listed the top five iPhone car mount brands available for sales in the world. Read the car mount reviews, check out the selling price, as well as the designs of the car mount. You can choose either iGrip, Griffin, Brodit, Belkin, or Arkon. Find the best car accessories that suits you is the happiest thing in life. Now check out the top five car mount for iPhone here.

iGrip Universal iPhone car mount

iGrip has a universal car mount which feature a universal fit vent mount for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, Verizon iPhone 4, or any kind of iPhone. The iGrip features a dual-clip to ensure the mount stay in place in any vent as well as padded sides to protect your iPhone. It is simply amazing and available for sale at $19.95.

Griffin Window Seat AUX Mount for iPhone

iPhone car mount

The Griffin has always got good solution for people who use Smartphone. This iPhone/Smartphone car mount can be mounted to your car windshield or dashboard easily. The mounting base and extension arm swivel 360 degree for prefect positioning so that you can mount to everywhere possible. It also included AUX Audio cable to connect your iPhone to the car stereo’s AUX and you can play song from your iPhone. It is available for sale in between $20 to $22.

Brodit Passive Holder Tile Swivel

This type of holder is mounted onto a tilt swivel so it is adjustable for avoiding light reflection on the screen. It fits iPhone with skins because it has adjustable side arms. Alternatively, it also fits some of the Smartphone like HTC and Blackberry. Selling price is in between $25 to $35.

Belkin iPhone car mount

We would really love to recommend the Belkin TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free car mount if budget is not a concern. This device holds your iPhone securely while you drive and swivels in any directions for easy viewing. It is also adjustable to fit most iPods and some Smartphones. What makes it even better is it charges your iPhone through your car’s lighter outlet. No worry for inadequate battery power. It is available for sale at $69.99.

Arkon Slim-Grip Mounts for iPhone

It is one of the most extensive and premium car mounts and holders specially made for the iPhone. It charges the phone while in use, it has Bluetooth hands free calling, it has a built-in 2w speaker, it has audio line out, and compatible with any skinned iPhone. That’s what make it the top five iPhone car mount we recommend.


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