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Check out the top five cheapest iPhone car cradle here if you don’t prefer to use any low quality car mounts for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, or any Apple products. These car cradles are designed to keep your iPhone or any other mobile phone safely during any car trips. Cheap car mounts sometimes unable to hold your phone firm and the phone will drop from the mount especially when the car goes through bumpy roads. Therefore, these car cradles are always a good option.

iPhone Car Cradle
Among these top five car cradle for iPhone, the price are mostly around $100 dollars other than the universal car cradle.

1. Kensington windshield/vent car mount with sound amplified cradle for iphone

This has been one of the most wanted car mount with sound amplified cradle for iPhone owner who always travel in car. It doubles the volume from iPhone with the built-in amplification system in the cradle. The cradle is well-designed to hold the phone securely on even the roughest terrain. It is available for sales at $39.90. Businessman and businesswomen just love it!

2. ClicOn Cradle for iPhone

Many iPhone owner like to add skins or cover to protect their iPhone. Hence many car mounts couldn’t hold the phone as the size is bigger. ClicOn Cradle is specially designed for iPhone with case or skins (see also: iPhone Car Mount For Otterbox). It is available for sales at $132.

3. THB UNI Take&Talk iPhone car cradle

This is a quick fit for iPhone 4. It is designed for use with the highly acclaimed UNI System 8 car kit from THB BURY. It is available for sales at $99.90, simply value for money. See also: iPhone Car Mount, Best iPhone Car Mount, Car mounting kit for iPhone.

4. Smoothtalker cradle for iPhone 4

The Smoothtalker iPhone 4 cradle ACC-STK-APP IP4 is best for people who always travel to low coverage places. It features an antenna connection capability for superior coverage-charging capability. It works with any Bluetooth car kit. It has a power cord to connect to the car fuse panel or accessory cable. It is available for sale at $150-$160.

5. Universal air vent mount holder cradle for iPhone

If you prefer a cheap car cradle or dock, get a universal air vent mount holder cradle for your phone if you prefer not to hold your iPhone to the windshield. Universal car cradle usually is very cheap below $10 dollars. You can simply get it at any car accessories stores or online stores and have the iPhone car cradle delivered to your doorstep easily.


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