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How to start a car


Here is the information of how to start a car, tips to start a car properly, and how to jump start a car that has been sitting for months. Everyone will have to learn how to start the car before learning to drive a car. There are many different types of cars available in the market and some really makes you lost your way on how to start it. Take the immobilizer as example, many people overlook this thing. A car engine won’t start no matter how may times you turn the ignition when the immobilizer is activated.

Steps to start a car

Here are the simplest 3 steps on how to start a car in a proper way.

Step 1 Bring the right key to start the car

Get in the car, sit on the right position, fasten your seat belt, and then only insert they key into the ignition. The ignition is a usually a small key hole which will fit the right key exactly into it. It is often near to the steering wheel for most of the cars except some antique cars or classic cars that may place in some different way.

Step 2 Before starting the car

Before you can start the car, you must use your foot to press the brake, make sure the car is in neutral (for manual transmission car), and make sure the shift selector is in “P” (if you drive automatic car). Some cars have security lock which the car is not able to start if it is not secure to start.

Step 3 Twist the key to right direction

Now use the same hand and your thumb to twist the key according to the right way to start the car. Some cars like Honda Civic FD Type R come with push start button, you do not have to twist the key and just press on the start button to start the car.

Tips to start a car

Here are some tips that you may overlook in your daily life when you try to start your car and go to work every morning. If your car engine is flat or you left your headlights over night, you may want to check out how to jump start a car.

Immobilizer. Sometimes the built-in immobilizer inside a key cause the car can’t start. What you need to do is to take out the key and reinsert into the ignition, wait for few seconds and try to start it again.

Steering lock. Most of the newer cars nowadays come with the steering lock features. If you can’t twist the key you will have to jiggle the steering wheel a little bit to release the lock and this will allow the keys to turn. Some cars require you to push the key in and twist it a little bit to lock the steering.

Key type. Some newer car with new technology has different types of key especially Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, or Jaguar. Some car manufacturers use key that are flat head which does not look like a key, some car use magnetic key, some use thumb print to start the car, and some just use push start button.

Parking brake. Make sure the parking brake is always on before you start a car. That is the right way of how to start a car.
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