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How to make a paper car?


Here are the few easy steps and pictures on how to make a paper car. It is fun for kids or adult to make a paper car at any leisure time. Making any paper cars can be started by choosing the car you want to make, the model of the car, and the similarity you want it to be.

Material Needed

Here is the basic list of what you need to make a nice paper car. The material can always be changed according to budget and preference.

  • Paper. Any kind of papers will give you a good paper car. The cheapest choice is recycle paper, plain paper, or standard A4 printing paper. You can also choose to use construction paper, manila card, or any color paper for better out look.
  • Scissor. Any kind of scissors as long as it is sharp enough to cut the paper nicely.
  • Pencils or markers. Sharp pencils or markers to draw the outline. Color pencils to color the car if you wish.
  • Ruler. How to make a paper car nicely can’t without a ruler.
  • Tape and glue.

Here we go, make it as simple as only 5 steps.

1 Choose the car

Choosing the car has always be the first steps of making a paper car. You can always choose the pre-made car template on the internet, print it out, fold it and glue it then you are done. Car models available are Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and among others. However, pre made car template may not be what you want.

2 Draw the car on paper

Get a picture of the car you had choose, flatten the car side view in 2D and draw it on the paper using pencils and ruler. What you need to draw is side view, front, car roof, and rear car. You can just draw a horizontal rectangle above the car outline to form the roof for any customize car. Refer to the picture below, here we show a FIAT 600 drawing. Draw some tabs for the purpose to fold and glue.

3 Cut out the car

Now use scissor cut out the drawing. Be careful when cut the wheels and do not cut away the area to put glue.

4 Fold and glue

Fold both left and right side of the car, front and rear accordingly. Place glue on each of the tab and glue it nicely part by part. You can start from the front and back sections, then left and right. Now you can get the car in 3D shape.

5 Color the car

Color the car according to the color you prefer. You can always customize your own car by creating two tones color or put some special stickers on it. Alternatively, you can print this image, cut it out and fold it to become a paper car. This is how to make a paper car.
print to make paper car


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