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How to make a car


Here is all about how to make a car, how are cars built by car manufacturers, how to make wooden cars, paper cars, mousetrap car, and toy car. Making a car is something very fun. The overall look, material used to build the car, design, body shape, and power source of a car has got no standard. You can create a car base on your creativity in any kind of way.

Steps to make a car

There are many types of car you can build based on what you have. Here are some of the cars you can create.

1. How are cars built: The car run on the road is built follow international safety standard.

2. Pinewood derby cars: See how to make pinewood derby cars and some tips to make real fast pinewood derby cars so that your car can win in competition!

3. How to make a paper car: Here we show what you need to make a paper car and how you can make a nice paper car and keep it as collection!

4. How to build a mousetrap car: Yes mousetrap is not only use to trap mouse at night, but you can also use it to build some real fast mousetrap car that will bring you a lot of fun.

5. Pimped out cars: See how to pimp a car and make it look real cool and attract lots of attention.

6. How to make a toy car:

7. How to build a toy car: Here are some sweet steps on how to build a toycarfrom scratch.

8. How to build a rubber band car: Here are steps by steps with pictures showing how to make a toy car powered by rubber band.

9. How to make a wooden car:

How to make a toy car

Here are some steps on how to make a toy car using some recycle thing.

Step 1 – Prepare car parts

Prepare the material you want to use to make a car. What you need is an empty box, four bottle caps, toothpicks, color paper, paint, glue, and paint brushes. Empty box will be the car body, bottle caps as wheels, and toothpick as the axle.

Step 2 – Make the car body

Use any recycle box as the car body. Choose the size you want. It can be a toothpaste box (Colgate or Darlie), cookies box, cake box, or any kind of box as long as it is able to be the car body. Use color paper the wrap up the box so that it looks nice. You can choose any color you want to make the car look nicer!

Step 3 – Make the Wheels

Prepare 4 bottle caps as the wheels. You can get it easily right after you drink any Coke or Pepsi! Paint all the bottle caps with the color you prefer.

Step 4 – Make the axle

Make a small hole in the middle of each bottle cap. Pick two bottle caps and use glue to pin the one side of toothpick to these two bottle caps. Now poke through the box (car body) at front and back as front axle and rear axle. Pin another 2 bottle caps to the end and now you have make both front and back wheels completed.

Step 5 – Complete the car

Last but not least, you can complete the car by adding some stickers, racing stripes like the classic John Cooper Mini Cooper S, or draw some air brush with permanent markers.
small toy car


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