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How to jump start a car?


How to jump start a car battery is the skills you must possessed. Here we shared steps on how to jump start a car with photos and tips to revive a dead battery. Give a jump start to any cars with low battery power is something very easy as it just involve two cables which is the positive and negative. It can be done in minutes if the method is correct, on the other hand it can cause a big repairs if the method is wrong.

Why cause my car battery dead?

There are many reasons that kill your battery power and mostly are some mistake happen in our daily life. If you have tried all the method in how to start a car and the car still not able to start, it may due to some of the reasons here:

  • You leave the lights on over night
  • You did not maintain the battery water levels (Not maintenance-free battery)
  • Electric leakage in any kind of situation or voltage regulator breakdown in alternator

When a car need jump start?

When the battery power is weak and inadequate to start up the car you will have to use another car’s battery power to jump start the car. It is hard to judge when a car need a jump start, thus always prepare a set of jump start cable in your car is good. You can get a good cable from $5 to $10.

Tips to jump start a car

Check the jump start cable and see if it is still in good condition and if there is any rust on the cable. If it does, it may affect the electric to go through the cable. Besides, check the battery terminals, remove dirt and rust if there is any. This will give a better job when you jump starting the car. Check out the steps on how to jump start a car after you have prepared everything. If you really can’t get any jumper cables, see how to jump start a car without jumper cables. Instead, you may use a car jump starter to jump start too. See the Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter review.

Steps to jump start a car

Here are some easy steps to jump start a car.

Step 1 Line up both cars properly

You will have to see which side the car battery was placed. Adjust both cars so that both batteries are as close as it can be. The battery for most of the cars nowadays was placed at front, thus line up both cars face to face will be a good way.

Step 2 Connect the jump start cable

Make sure both of the cars engine are off and all electric accessories are off. Now connect the Positive (+) jump start cable (in red) to both batteries positive end. Connect the Negative (-) cable from the good battery to any non-painted metal part of the engine that needs to be jump start. This is to minimize the chance for explosions even though this seldom happen. Usually the cable in red is positive and the cable in black is negative.

Step 3 Start the car with dead battery

Start the car that in good condition, keep the engine running so that the battery is charging while you need to start another car with dead battery. Now try to start the car with dead battery. It will be started just in minutes depends on how flat the battery is.

Step 4 Remove the jump start cable

Remove the negative cable from the car that was jump started and from negative post of the good battery. Remove the positive cable from good battery then from the battery that was jump started. That is the right ways of how to jump start a car.
jump start a car


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