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How to hotwire a car


Here are some delicious steps on how to hotwire a car. Learn this skill and use it to hotwire a car responsibly and legally. Hot-wiring a car is not an easy job and unlike changing a fuel filter in any cars. It is a dangerous task and likely to damage the car if you did not handle the job well. Therefore make sure you read step by step carefully and do not try this to someone else’s car. ONLY do it when necessary or else you may stand a chance to get a new car.

hotwire car

Here we shared the most basic way to hotwire a car with simple 5 steps. This method will work on most of the cars. It may not work on cars with high security that hides the required component to hotwire.

Step 1 Prepare what you need to hotwire a car

You will need to prepare:

  • The proof of ownership if you are going to hotwire a car in public places like public car park.
  • Flat-head screwdriver, Slotted screwdriver, and Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Wire cutters and rubber tape.
  • Insulated gloves to protect yourself and a small-size hammer.
  • Your car owner’s manual for reference.

Forget about the proof of ownership if you are about to hot-wire your own car in your own garage. You can try pound the slotted screwdriver into your car ignition and turn the engine on like a car. It will work surprisingly for many cars manufactured before late 80’s but this method will spoil the ignition cylinder.

Step 2 Remove the ignition cover

The ignition cover usually has several screws on top and bottom of the steering column. Remove these screws and also remove the plastic cover gentle and soft. If you are a forgetful person, take some pictures or video of how it looks like before you remove any components.

Step 3 Get the right wire to hotwire

Pull out the ignition cylinder slowly and identify the wires. General cars will at least have five wires behind the ignition cylinder. Usually there are 2 red color wires for the car power, another one or two brown color which connect to the starter, and another green color wire to the earth. Now you will need to refer to your car owner’s manual to see which color is exactly for certain function.

Step 4 Connect the power wires

Wear the insulated gloves, cut both power wires (usually in red), stripes the ends and then connect the wires. You can connect it by twisting them together using your finger easily. It is like how to start a car with a key when you turn on the ignition before start the engine, it will provide power to everything in the car.

Step 5 Start the car

Now is the last step to hotwire a car. It is the step where usually you will turn your key in the ignition to start the engine. Cut the starter wires, stripe the ends and touch both of these wires together. Pull them apart and use rubber tape to tape both ends as soon as the car is started. You will only need few second to start the car.

Tips on hotwire a car

Here are some delicious tips for some special cars that may require a little bit more effort to start it properly.

Some cars have only one start wire. In this case, cut the wire and stripe the end and touch it to the exposed part of the connected power wires. This will help to start the car.

Some cars have some switches which will disconnect the battery. The car engine won’t start no matter how hard you try to hotwire it. Look for these switches and turn it on.

Hybrid cars and electric cars may come with different components; you may have to refer to owner’s manual to do a better job.

If you notice there is a flashing light around the ignition, it may be the immobilizer. You will have to disable it or else the car won’t start.


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