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pencil and cartoon cars
How to draw cartoon cars? The greatest 5 steps technique to get nice and lovely cartoon cars drawn has been shared here! The tutorial of “Cartoon drawings of cars” MalaysiaMiniLover taught before is one of the best few easy steps technique to draw a nice cartoon car. It can even let the beginner to learn to create very nice muscle car cartoonsand get it printed on t-shirts or cap to wear it!

Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation is always the main 3 key to create real nice and attractive cartoon cars. If you look at the muscle car drawings, you will find the imagination is very important because you will have to draw what you see on the road on to a piece of paper and present it like a cartoon cars which probably with an exaggerated nose, mouth or eye in the windscreen space. Let’s start with some simple example to customize a car and by drawing some cartoon face. Check out these related information before you start your drawing:

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Step 1 – Draw the cartoon face

Let’s start our drawing by sketch out 2 big round and shining eyes. Sketch out 2 circles where bigger circle cover a smaller and darker circle to form the eye. Draw some lines in between the eye to form the nose and a banana look-alike mouth. Drawing a cute face is important, if the face is cute, your cartoon car will look cute even on a Lamborghini limo, a long limo with a cute cartoon face on it!

Draw the face

Step 2 – Extend the cartoon face with car body

Here we go to draw the body of the car which attaches to the face we drawn in Step 1. Sketch out the line and draw the car bumper under the mouth which will make it look like the chin. This step you can customize your own car in anyway, you can even draw the side mirror as the ear of the face.

draw car body

Step 3 – Cool wheels, cool rims, cool tires!

Now is the step to add the wheels and tires as the “leg”. 2 simple circles will do, color up the outer circle with black to make it as tires. The size of the circles determines the size of a car rim. Bigger, more pimped? Tricked out cars? Everything is according to your own preference.

draw car wheels

Step 4 – Cool car accessories

Now draw another wheel to complete the base. We will only have to draw 3 wheels since this is just a 2D drawing. Next is the sketch out the roof of the car by drawing an “n” look sketch.

draw car accessories

Step 5 – Complete the car

A cool car or a basic car can’t lack with a steering. This step we complete the car roof top, a frame bar and also the steering wheel. Well, if you would like to draw a cabriolet car like Ferrari 360 Spider, you do not have to draw the roof.

Last but not least, you can scribble some marks like “ =3 ” behind the car to indicate whether the car is speeding with smoke or in braking mode. So, have you learn how to draw cartoon cars?

cartoon cars drawing


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