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car drawing with pencil
How to draw cars technique has been taught here in several categories. A lot of graphical example has been given and you can learn to draw any type of cars such as cartoon cars, sports cars, or muscle cars…etc If you follow these steps, you can learn how to draw a car well. The major technique we shared here named as “the 5 steps theory” which we strongly believe you can customize a car drawing in just 5 easy steps for basic learners, less talking, let’s begin!

Before begin your drawing, you will have to know what kind of cars that you want to draw, this is the list of available step by step drawing cars that available here, just click on the link will do:

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5 Steps theory to draw cars

Now we shared another sample of drawing a classic MK1 Mini.

Step 1 – Sketches out the car frame

It always started with the car frame, imagine how car maker manufacture a car? Isn’t it started with body work and body design too? Define properly what kind of cars that you want to draw, sports cars have a lower height therefore the sketches must not be too tall, muscle cars obviously have a bigger width to fit in V8 or V10, so the width of the sketches must be bigger than normal car. Now we draw a Mini, so in terms of width or height also smaller than common car.

Step 2 – Draw car body line and curve

Here comes second steps, you can clearly draw out the car body shape and curve right after you confirm the sketches you draw in Step 1, now you can see the sweet car almost appear infront of you. Almost all the way of how to draw cars are similar where you have to draw deeper and darker line after you confirm the body shape. You will soon see how the car drawing is going to be.

Morris Mini Mk1 drawing

Step 3 – Draw the cars a set of cool wheels

It is said that wheels are most noticed features on any cars, which part of the car you will first notice when you look at any pimped out cars? Isn’t the big cool shining wheel? But do remember do not over draw it as we want the wheels to look as realistic as possible, off course you can customize your own car drawing but not cartoon car.

Step 4 – Place car accessories

Now comes the fun part, you can place any car accessories without paying it, how good it is. The picture here we show is a MK1 Morris Mini Cooper, you will need to draw a pair slipper look rear lamp, and small boot at the back. Here we draw the rear window in opened mode to make the drawing look more lively.

Step 5 – Draw the shadow

Now complete the car by drawing the shadow. Do not draw too dark for the shadow, just slightly use low energy from your hand to sketch it as the picture show here. Make it darker to the tires and number plate. A little bit on the body. Now we completed it! Feel easier than learning to drive a car?

Tools you need to draw cars

1. Choosing Paper

A piece of real dirt free and clean paper. You can choose A3, A4, or A5. Most of the artists choose A3 as it is easier to draw to a car, but it doesn’t matter as the decision still up to you. Choose the car you want to draw from the list of car names or from the funniest car names.

2. Choosing Pencil

There is quite a big range of pencil you can choose to start your beloved car drawn or cartoon cars drawn. You can go for the fine line 0.5 to 1.0 graphite pop-a-point pencil (which isnon-sharpening pencil). To choose to use hard pencils, you can choose from H, 2H, 3H, all the way up to 9H. The higher number indicates the pencil is harder. To choose soft pencils, the available range is from B, 2B, 3B, all the way up to 9B. The higher number indicates the pencil is softer. Another type of pencil that is the most used pencil in the world and in between H and B pencil is call “HB” which is means Hard Black.

Now, have you completed another simple course of how to draw cars?

cars drawing


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