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How much oil does my car hold


How much oil does my car hold, how much oil does my car take, and how to maintain a car in first-class condition at lowest cost is shared here. How much oil to put in a car is one of the major key to maintain a car in excellent condition. Too much oil a car hold or too less oil to put in a car engine will bring nothing but only disadvantages to the engine and shorten the engine lifetime.

The engine oil main task is to lubricate the parts inside engine like piston and engine blocks. Other than that, it also acts as coolant to cool down the heat when an engine is running. Less oil will make the engine overheat and too much oil lead to high pressure and oil leaks. Therefore, the oil level is very important. Here we shared top 3 simplest way to know how much oil your car really need when you change your engine oil.

Read from the car oil dipstick

Every car has an oil dipstick to tell you exactly how much oil your car need. It is very simple with two readings, a minimum level and maximum level. Usually the suitable level at a dipstick is made with ripple. You will have to top up your engine oil if the level shows below minimum level, on the other hand remove some oil using oil extractor if it is over the maximum level. The best is to keep it in between the minimum and maximum.

See how much oil your car should hold from user manuals

Most of the new cars nowadays stated clearly how much oil do I put in my car or how much oil the car should take in the user manuals, owner’s manual, or service manual.

Check oil level from internet

So how do I know how much oil the car hold if I lost the owner’s manual? There are tons of free online user manuals if you have lost your hard copy. You can get information on how much oil to put in some old cars, antique cars, or classic cars that are too old and do not have any user manuals.

Oil level reading

Small-size engine with four pistons running often use 4 to 5 quarts of oil. Large-size engine with six or eight pistons running usually will use up to eight quarts of engine oil.

Other than the top 3 ways to find out the how much oil a car take, you can make a call to your local car dealer or car manufacturer’s service number to find out the oil level.

Some opinion said to measure the amount of oil that drains out from the car when doing an oil change. This is not recommended. The reason why is because some older cars oil seal is not in good condition and engine oil may leak out. That makes the oil level inaccurate and lesser.
oil level reading


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