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How much oil do I put in my car?


How much oil do I put in my car, how much oil does my car take, and tips on how I maintain my car in good condition with the right oil at cheapest cost is shared here. Changing the engine oil, transmission oil, and oil filter is something inevitable in car maintenance schedule. It will cost more in the end of the day if we did not do it well. If this is huge expenses for you, you should follow some tips here that we show you how to save money on oil changing.

Basically there are 2 ways to change your car oil, it is either send the car to a mechanic or do it yourself. Here are some of the ways to know how much oil you should put in your car.


Read the oil dipstick

Pull the dipstick out of the engine. There are 2 readings, the one at the bottom is minimum oil needed and the one on top is maximum level. If your oil level is below minimum, add more until it reach in between the minimum and maximum, that is the best level for all cars. If you over add the oil and it shows above the maximum oil level, you can use oil extractor to suck it out until it goes down to the right level. Easy right?

Oil level from user manuals

Almost all the user manuals for any car model or model year will show you how much oil you will need to put for your engine and transmission. It will tell you exactly how many quarts of oil you should put in the car, follow it exactly.

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Save oil for the car

Now you have known how much oil to put in your car, we will share you a little bit of tips on how to save money from oil. An average vehicle usually takes 3 to 4 of oil when you are changing the oil. Standard engine oil usually sold in either 4 or 5 quarts. Normally the 5 quarts will be cheaper if you compare to 4 quarts. Purchase the 5 quarts engine oil even though you may only need 4 quarts for your car.

Keep the extra 1 quart each time you change your car engine oil. You don’t have to pay for the engine oil at the fifth time when you need to change the oil. Some of the mechanic will keep away the extra oil if you do not ask for it. This is how they make some extra money from the extra engine oil.
oil level reading dipstick


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