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How much is my car worth?


How much a used car worth is not base on what buyer offer or seller offer. Here we give you top 5 factors and resources to define a used car price based on the market price, market demand, the condition of the car, as well as some sweet tips to make a used car worth more when you plan to sell it off. Any cars got its price and it is often fluctuate based on the automobile market. If you are selling your car and wondering how much is the car worth, you should check out the complete guide here to find out the best price or the actual worth of a car. Advertise a price that is too high will not attract any buyer while advertise the price too low will be a loss for yourself.

If you are someone totally know nothing about cars or used car market, you can follow these step to find out the worth of your car.

Car mileage

Mileage plays an important role in determining a used car price but it is not the main point. Generally, higher mileage tends to lower a car value. This is because a used car depreciates more if it has been run a lot.

What is my car condition?

At most time, a car condition decides the car price. Any car that has major accident before will not have high value. This is because the condition of used cars that went through major accident will not be good compared to cars that never accident before even though it has been fixed.

Car model and model year

It is not only to ask how much a car worth. What type of cars, what kind of car model and manufactured year is another issue. Older cars have lower value compared to newer cars except antique cars, collector cars, classic cars, and sometimes muscle cars. First of all, you will have to find out the model and manufactured year of your car. With these information, you can roughly know how much is the car worth based on the market price. You can search the same car from advertisement from local newspaper or online car advertising site like Carsut.com. There is no certain price for any cars, you can roughly find out the price range. For example, if you want to know how much is a 2010 Ford Focus worth, you will have to find out the cheapest and the most expensive price you can find in the market.

Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book (KBB) is one of the largest automotive vehicle valuation company based in California, United States. It has over thousands of cars information and car price based on the model of the car and also model year. It is a good place to know how much your car worth based on the pricing and information from the blue book. If you are in United States, Kelly Blue Book is one of the easiest ways to roughly find out the market price. However, it is just a general guide. If your car has upgraded with some aftermarket car parts or car accessories, the value will be higher. If you are outside of the U.S, see how much is my car worth in Canada or how much is my car worth in England?

NADA Guide for used car

NADA Guides has most of the information to educate people in the market to buy, sell, new car trade, used car trade, or whoever look for a car but has got no idea. At NADA website, you can simply key in your car information with the current mileage on the car to know how much it worth.

How much a car worth based on condition

Okay, now you have found out a rough price range for your car, but you still wondering what are the best value for your car. Used cars, used cars, it means the more you use, the less is the value. Mileage is one of major consideration for how much a car is worth. The more mileage on the car, the value is lesser. Besides, the car body is also important, you can sell the car at high price if there is no dent or the color is still in good condition.

Tips to make a car worth more

Whenever you want to sell a car with higher value, there are some little things to do and off course, this has to have a little extra budget. For example, if the car paint has faded or the body has a little dent, it is recommended to fix the body and put a new coat of paint to the car to make it look more worthy. Other than that, make sure you clean up the interior with some UV protection to make the dashboard look shining and new. These are some thing you can do to make the buyer satisfy when fall in love with the car at their first sight.

In conclusion, it is often seller regret of selling off their car below market price. On the other hand some buyer regret to buy a car that cost them a lot more than standard market price. Therefore, you should spend some time to find out the market value of the car you want to buy or you plan to sell.


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