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How much is car insurance for a 16 year old?


Here we tell you how much is car insurance for a 16 year old, reason why car insurance for 16 years old higher, and how to get cheap car insurance for teenager. There is no standard price for 16 year old car insurance, but there are ways to get cheap car insurance for teenager especially 16 years old driver with no driving experience at all.

Whenever you ask for any car insurance quotes, it will require you to give many details especially car insurance for teenager. The final price appears in any car insurance quote usually judge from a lot of factors. The factors are:

  • Gender of the driver. Male drivers are having higher risk than females.
  • What kind of cars. High performance, normal sedan car or small-medium car.
  • Safety of the car. Alarm system, ABS brake system, and among others.
  • Zip code or area of where the driver lives. This is important for insurer to check on the accident rates and theft rate base on the zip code.
  • Manufacture year of the car. An older car usually have cheaper car insurance base on the car value.
  • Car brand and model. The amount of the insurance is also depends on the car brand too. A well known safety first Volvo will cost around US$3000 to US$5000 a year depends on zip code. A Ferrari will cost more as it is well known for the performance and the top speed the car can give.
  • Coverage of the insurance. Price for comprehensive car insurance and third party is different as the coverage is different. See what is comprehensive car insurance.

In the UK, car insurance for teenager is also based on the car insurance groups, which means the insurance groups that the car belongs to. Check out the list of car insurance groups UK for better understanding. Here are some pretty good tips to get real cheap car insurance especially for teenager under 20 years old.

Good student grades

Show the car insurance company your results from school. The better school results the cheaper car insurance you can get.

Get safety course certificate

A certified safety driving course certificate will help to get cheaper insurance. Let’s say if the course cost $200 and with the certificate it helps to get $400 discount, why not?

Add your insurance to parent’s policy

A 16 year old driver that without any driving experience can always add their insurance to their parent’s policy to get a cheaper car insurance quote. But the parents’ driving history must be good too.

Buy a safety car

A car that has more safety features will lead to cheaper car insurance. The safety features can be the ABS, air bags, alarm systems, auto-lock systems and among others. Some of the cars that cost less to insure are Chrysler PT Cruiser, GMC Safari, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD, Volvo S40, Buick Century. There are definitely more cars that able to get cheap car insurance.

Compare car insurance quotes

With the technology today, you can easily get 10 car insurance quotes from the internet by just sitting in front of your computers. Compare the pros and cons and choose the best. Fill in the details as discussed above, most of the car insurance company will tell you exactly how much it is.

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