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How do I change the oil in my car


Here is the delicious DIY steps of how to change the oil in a car. There are two simple ways to change the oil in a car which is the drain method and extractor method. The extract method is easier but will not 100% clean if compared to drain method. This is because you are not able to fully extract old oil from the engine. However, you can still choose to use the extractor to fasten the task. Here are step by step to change a car oil.

Step 1 Prepare what you need

First of everything is to prepare what you need. You will need a hydraulic jack, an open end wrench, oil filter wrench, funnel, new oil, new oil filter, rag, and an oil pan if you choose to use the drain method or an oil extractor if you choose to use the extract method.

Step 2 Drain contaminated oil from car engine

Make sure the engine has cooled down! Hot oil can cause serious injure. For drain method, prepare the oil pan under the oil drain, jack up the car by using hydraulic jack and use the open end wrench to remove the bolt that held the engine oil at the bottom of the pan. The oil will drop into the oil pan once you remove the bolt. Clean the bolt and tighten it back once the oil finished drain. Extract method is easier where you will just have to extract the old oil out from the engine from oil fill cap using the extractor. change car oil

Step 3 Change the oil filter

Now remove the oil filter and replace with a new one using oil filter wrench. You should lubricate the gasket on the filter with some oil before screw it to the engine using hand.

Step 4 Refill the new engine oil

Open up the oil fill cap on top of the engine, insert the funnel and pour the new oil into the engine carefully. You will have to check time to time to see if the oil is enough inside the engine. See How much oil does my car take, How much oil do I put in my car, How much oil does my car hold. What kind of oil does my car need.

Step 5 Check oil level

Check the oil level, if it is too much you should use the oil extractor to remove some. Add more if it is too low. Now start the engine and check if the oil pressure light goes off after start up.

Take note when change the oil in a car

DO NOT performs any oil change when the car engine is still hot. At least wait for few hours to let the engine cool down to avoid any unwanted injuries. We recommend you to put on gloves and eye glass when perform these job to give a better protection to yourself especially those who are first time doing this DIY job. Other than that, check if there is any oil drips. You will have to change the oil seal if the oil seal has worn out.


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