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How can I figure out what is wrong with my car?


Here is the answer for “how can I figure out what is wrong with my car?” We shared top 10 general tips on how can you figure out what is wrong with any cars. A car or a vehicle consists of many complicated components. When the car act weird or not in good running condition, it is not easy to figure out what is really wrong. However, there are still some ways to figure out what is wrong if the problem is not serious.

A car consists of many parts and components from A to Z. Here we share top 10 tips on how to figure out some general problems in a car.

What is wrong if the car can’t start?

You wake up early morning walk to your garage want to start your car and go work, and then you found out the car can’t start. You heard the starter sound but it seems the electric power is not enough to start up the car. Check the head lights, wiper, and horn. If all these are working but weak means your battery power has been dried up. You will need to know how to jump start a car. This could due to you left the car lights on over night or you did not maintain the battery water level in the correct level (if your battery is not maintenance-free).

Figure out Audio problem

How do I get a jammed CD out of a car stereo: Here is some crazy yet useful technique to retrieve a jammed CD out of any cars stereo or CD player. It is not a big problem but it is irritable when the CD jammed inside the stereo.

Figure out engine oil level

Maintaining a car engine in right way and right level will give the car a longer life and allow it to go further. Learn how much oil do I put in my car to maintain a car in good condition at cheapest cost.

What is wrong when I feel the fuel is not smooth?

If you feel the combustion in your car is not smooth when you accelerate your car. It may be time to change your fuel filter. First you will need to know where is the fuel filter located, and learn the way of changing a fuel filter. It is nothing but only 3 simple and easy steps to change a fuel filter on your car.

Car maintenance schedule

Learn how to maintain a car in appropriate way before you have to ask how to figure out a car problem. Car maintenance schedule is available to download here for free to keep track of what and when your car need.

Figure out what is wrong with my car automatic window

The window regulator seems refuse to move up or down when you press the window button. It may be a hint to tell you it is time to change a new one. You can figure out the window problem either is broken cable, poor lubrication or lubrication totally dried up, loosened fastener, loosened rivet or nut, loosened glass mounting bolts or regulator spoil.

Diagnose a car problem online

There are still many parts and components where you can figure out what is wrong with the car easily. Anyhow, you can diagnose a car problem online in MalaysiaMiniLover. We list A to Z from Air conditioning to wiring problem.

Audi Problem

If you are driving an Audi and you need to know how to figure out the problems. Here are some problems with audi a4 and some solutions to it.

Car engine won’t start

There are many reasons when a car engine not able to start. Flat battery, fuel problem, ignition problem, security lock, immobilizer, starter, coil, distributor, and among others depends on the age of your car. Check out more on car engine won’t start.

Figure out what’s wrong if fuel-consumption is high

If you feel your car fuel consumption suddenly went up a lot compared to last few weeks, you may need to check all gas hose, any leakage on the gas or petrol tank. Incorrect tuning will cause high fuel consumption too.

For some other serious car problems, it is recommended to send your car to dealer or trusted work shop to do a proper diagnostic checking on your car. Remember to ask for the price before you agree to repair the car.
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