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A very famous Honda Generators model is Honda EM 5000SX where people use to generate power for certain task life, but today we will talk about Honda B Series engine as power generator into a Classic Mini Cooper. There are many challenges and decisions we will face once we decide to create a Honda powered Mini.Some of the Mini Lovers call it Mini VTEC, some do call it as “Hon-Ni” as it is Honda powered a Mini. Honda A or B Series engine into a Mini usually produce around 185bhp @ 9000-9800rpm.

Mini with Honda Engine

To build a Mini Vtec, a lot of guidance and suggestions from Honda and Mini experts is needed during the conversion. This nature of engine swap is not easy where by an engine manufactured by Honda into a chassis built by BMC in the past. Certainly this conversion will require solutions to engine and chassis interfaces that were never designed to work together.

Let’s see some of the challenges need to be resolve (information list from mini mania):

  • Modifications to the classic Mini round nose body
  • The engine mounting in the chassis
  • Aligning the drive axle centerlines
  • Mating the driveline parts
  • Suspension and brake components mounting
  • Linking the engine and car clutch actuating mechanisms
  • Fitting the intake and exhaust systems in the space available
  • Ensuring clearance on all sides of the engine
  • Modifying the shift mechanism to the new body
  • Mating the engine and car wiring systems
  • Mounting an alternator in limited spaceFinding a radiator that will fit
  • A host of smaller challenges

There are a lot of issues quite difficult to resolve and it may worsen the situation by making wrong choice to increate the compatibility between the engine and car. Anyway, it still depends on what the owner really want in terms of power, performance, reliability…etc.

This conversion is between a Honda VTEC engine and Mini chassis, an ULTRIK subframe is needed, this subframe is built to enable the conversion and allow the standard short nose Mini model to be retained. On the other hand, it also allows the use of standard suspension pieces and brake components. There are some other choices of subframe is available but it is depends on which engine you prefer.

List of VTEC engine as a Honda Generators to Mini

Engine Code

Notice / Remark



  • This engine is from 1999 Civic Si, it comes with cable operated clutches.
  • Get a kid and convert the cable transmission to hydraulic operation to link to Mini clutch master cylinder.
  • Usually this engine is cheaper than the later VTEC engine.


  • This engine held around 1992-2000


  • This engine is basically a de-stroked and de-bored B18, will fit in.


  • Mostly B18 engines were DOHC, non-VTEC, lower bhp.
  • It usually from Honda Integra/Acura Integra.


  • Available in 1992 – 1993 Honda Integra GSR


  • Engine block is taller, harder to make fit.

Mini Body modification

Some sheet metal cutting is needed to make a larger width for Honda engine. A saw or a saber saw, and a tooth blade are needed to cut the body inner fenders vertically up according to the instructions. Sheet metal bracket that is spot welded in the center of the backside of the lower portion of the front panel must be removed to allow front tube of the new subframe to tuck in. This also provides a space for exhaust pipes. There are still more steps to go where you can refer to Mini Mania official website. What I would to say it is really a fun, challenging job to make Honda Generators into a Mini Cooper.

Mini with Honda engineMini with Honda engineMini with Honda engineMini with Honda engineMini with Honda engineMini Subframe for Honda EngineMini with Honda engineMini with Honda engineHon-NiHonda Generators

Mini with Honda Vtec engine


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