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If you are looking for modern design and youngilicious cars, Honda cars often is one of the best choices you ever wanted in the market.

Honda (Honda Motor Company, Ltd or 本田技研工業株式会社 in Japanese), being the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, is another car brand name you will definitely think of when buying a new car. Honda cars are one of the biggest competitors to Toyota cars.

An old saying, “Do what you like and it will lead you to what you should have”. The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda is truly an automobiles aficionado that you couldn’t find another person same as him.

Soichiro Honda used to work as mechanic who tuned cars and bring the car to race. Paradoxically, he worked as a piston designer before which he wished to sell it to Toyota. Toyota rejected his first designed and make Soichiro worked even harder to go to a proper mechanic school with his wife’s jewelry as collateral. A very unlucky earthquake in Japan destroyed the contract he eventually won with Toyota.

A Chinese idiom said “皇天不负有心人huáng tiān bù fù yǒu xīn rén”, which literally means God will not let down a man who does his best. Soichiro found the idea to put a small engine to his bicycle during gasoline shortage in World War II. Later on, Honda Motor Company was founded in September 1948.

Honda Cars Significant Moments

Honda logo, the power of dreams

Honda Company started and the first motorcycle it produced is the Honda Cub. In October 1963, Honda introduced the first Honda car, the S500 sports car.

  • World Ranking. Each year, Honda produced more than fourteen million internal combustion engines and sold worldwide. If you are swimming in automobile pool, you will always hear Honda enthusiasts say “A hundred thousand miles on a Honda engine is nothing!” As of August 2008, Honda is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world and it was the fourth largest in the United States.
  • Luxury cars. In 1986, Honda was the first Japanese automaker to release a dedicated luxury brand Acura. You can only find Acura cars in US, Canada, and Hong Kong. In some other country it is still Honda.
  • Other than Honda cars. Although Honda Company is perhaps most notable for its cars and motorcycles, but it also manufactures some other amazing products such as the ASIMO robot, Honda jet, marine engines, jet engines, ATV, water craft, electric generators, garden equipment, and among others.

Famous Honda Cars

Over the years, Honda had built many famous and reliable cars including: Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Honda CRV, Honda CRZ, Honda Odyssey, Honda Insight, Honda Fit, Honda Pilot, Honda S2000, Honda Ridgeline, Honda Crosstour, Honda Element, Honda FRV, Honda Legend, Honda FCX, and many more. There are some advanced model were built such as the Honda Civic Type R which give better power and handling.

To save the world’s environment, Honda started to build hybrid cars such as Honda Civic Hybrid that give better mileage.

Honda Competitors include Toyota Cars, Ford Cars, GMC Cars, Volkswagen Cars, Hyundai Cars, Peugeot Cars, Nissan Cars, Fiat Cars, Suzuki Cars, and Renault Cars.

Honda in Japanese is 本田, which literally means original field. The original idea of Honda is to build long lasting Honda cars and Honda has proved it and will make it even better for future. Honda, The Power of Dreams!


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