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Henry Ford’s first car


Henry Ford’s first car built in 1896 has changed not only the automobile industry but the whole world. His first car was a simple, reliable, and affordable with 4 wheels, named the “Quadricycle”. The name came from him because of the car is ran on four wheels using bicycle tires. This first gasoline-powered car built by Henry Ford’s own hand is not at any complete tools workshop that we having today, it is only built at his tiny workshop behind his home on Bagley Avenue.

This invention had given most of the average worker in U.S a great chance to own a car back in 10th century. Henry Ford has followed his determination to build an affordable car, that’s where he produced the Model T and Ford Motor Company. Ford model T debut in 1908 at the base price of only US$825 and history recorded over 10,000 cars were sold in the first year. The sales keep continue until 1914, Ford is holding almost 48% share of the automobile market.

Back in the 20th century, Ford is able to assembly the Model T at the fastest speed of less than 6 hours, which is really awesome for the technology in the past.

Henry Ford’s background

How old was Henry Ford when he completed his first car? I guess most of the people would like to know this. Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) completed the Quadricycle in 1896 when he was at the age of 33. He used to work on his father’s farm when he left school at 15, but then he moved to Detroit and became an apprentice in a machine shop in 1879. Other than that, he worked part time repairing clocks and watches to get more wages to survive. After several years, his dad gave him a piece of land behind his house but he does not like farmer’s life, but he makes use of the space to go on his invention.

Eventually, the person who invented the car is not him, and it is Karl Benz who made it earlier than him in 1886. However, Karl Benz’s car was a 3 wheel car and Henry Ford’s first car is a complete 4 wheels car.

Henry Ford’s first car: The Quadricycle

4 wheels with bicycle tires, nice shining steel frame, wooden dashboard, square seat, and a tiller steering is what form the Quadricycle. The tiller steering idea may come from Henry Ford when he works on his father’s farm at the age of 15. What makes it advance for this car is the electric bell in front of the dash and a bicycle lamp on the side.

  • Engine: 2 cylinder, 4 cycle gasoline engine.
  • Transmission: 2 speeds forward, around 10 and 20mph. No reverse.
  • Power: Power transmitted from motor to countershaft to rear wheels by chain, it looks like our bicycle’s chain today.
  • Weight: Only 500 lbs. Around 226kg.
  • Bore: 2.5”
  • Stroke: 6.0”
  • Wheelbase: 49”
  • Diameter of wheels: 26”. Seems like bigger than some pimped out cars today!
  • Gasoline tank: 3 gallons
  • Tread: 38.5”
  • Brake System: To stop the car, release clutch and apply brake.

No matter is what kind of invention, it makes big changes and brings a lot of advantages you can imagine to our world today. Henry Ford’s ahead thinking has brought all of us a fun and excited world, where we not only drive a car, but to modify a car, to share car information with friends…etc It is really such a great invent, Bravo and BIG applause for Henry Ford’s first car.


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