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MINI Haynes service and repair manual (1969 to 2001)


Mini 1969 to 1970 Haynes service and repair manual

The Mini isn’t anyone can work on it without the service manual. The MINI 1969 to 2001 (up to X registration) Haynes Service and Repair Manual is something all the Mini lovers MUST have. Most of the Mini owners may have experience a lot of weird things including a sudden acceleration, brake lose pressure when stepping on the brake pedal, and many other odd stuffs. All these things happen for a reason and it is often the technical problem. A repair manual specially made just for the Mini is a must for the owner as well as for your mechanic. Your mechanic may be able to fix any kind of common problems but the wiring diagrams and some unusual mechanism only found in Mini requires a little more knowledge.

The book is nicely bound in hardcover with 350 useful pages inside. These are some of the details of the book:

  • Publisher: Haynes Manuals Inc; 13th revised edition (on 1st May 2002).
  • Author: John S Mead
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1859609236
  • ISBN-13: 978-1859609231
  • Dimensions: 28.1 x 21.4 x 2.4 cm
  • Standard Web Price: £21.99 (It can be purchased direct at Haynes.co.uk.

This revised version covers many MK7 details compared to the previous version. It also includes tips for roadside repairs and MOT Test Checks. It is one of the most complete Mini book you will ever need. Other than using it for repairs, many readers purchase the book before they even purchase the car because they can check and make sure all the parts are on the car before they buy it. Let us review the book a little bit before you decided to buy it.

Chapter 1: Routine maintenance and servicing

First chapter mainly focus on how to maintain and service the car well. To be honest, we have personally seen many non-Mini specialist don’t really know that an automatic transmission require 5.0 litres engine oil because the gearbox aren’t separated from the engine like other newer car. The maintenance details cover engine oil with filter change, cooling system, fuel tank, and other things to keep the car in perfect condition for many years. The book also includes a diagram explaining each of every part in the car as well as their functionality.

Chapter 2: Repair

Chapter 2 is break into two part, part A and part B. Part A is mainly the procedures to repair the engine. It covers all the Mini engines from 1969 to 2001 including the 848 cc, 998 cc, 1098 cc, and 1275 cc. As for Part B, it is higher difficulty, which is the entire overhaul procedure. Most of the early Mini engine require overhaul because they have been many years. Part B is important for an overhauling process.

Chapter 3: Cooling system

Now this chapter covers cooling, heating, and ventilation systems from A to Z. It explains all the reasons why sometimes the car gets over heat or work improper.

Chapter 4: Fuel system

Chapter four covers fuel system for carburetor engines and fuel injection engines. Carburetor engines and fuel injection engines are using different fuel tank and they can’t be mixed up. This chapter also covers the exhaust and emission control systems.

Chapter 5: Starting, charging and ignition system

If the car engine won’t start for some reasons, this part is very helpful. Wiring, starter, fuel systems, and coil are all here.

Chapter 9 and 10: Braking system, suspension and steering

For those who experience brake pressures lose in a Mini, this chapter explains everything. Chapter 10 is useful when your car give some weird sound from underneath.

Chapter 11 and 12: Body work and electrical system

These two chapters cover the fuse information and also their rating in Amp. It tells you which fuse is for which parts. Wiring diagram and fuse diagram can be found here too.

Where to get this manual?

  1. You can either buy it at Haynes official websites or through Amazon here at Haynes Mini 1969 to 2001 Up to X Registration (Haynes Service and Repair Manual)
  2. In our stores we do have several copies left, we will give it out for free. In return, you can write us an article. The article must be original, unique, and related to automobile. Please email us if you are interested.
  3. Here you can also download classic mini body parts. It is in PDF version and it is free. It contains a few labeled diagram and details about each of every body parts.

The entire book not only covers what the owner needs to know but it also explains everything with labeled diagram as well as clear pictures. There is no reason Mini owners don’t own this Haynes service and repair manual.


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