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Harmless Car Pranks


Harmless car pranks is one of the funniest and funkiest stuff to play among a group of car friend or enthusiast. Pranks to pull on a car have been play among a bunch of my cars friend especially during special occasion like April fool, Christmas Eve, New Year eve…etc. Some of the great car pranks will definitely make you laugh, and make you feel satisfy to create the prank to other’s car. Some will bring you some car revenge parnks from those people you give them a prank before. Therefore, be well prepare since the first day you put any good car prank or evil car pranks to your car mate.

10 Ideas of pranks to pull on a car harmlessly

harmless car pranks

  1. Stick confetti to the whole car and in the air vents.
  2. Wrap the car with plastic and silly string.
  3. Take off the wheels of the car while the owner is not around. This definitely will shock him!
  4. Throw a load of wet cotton balls over the car to freeze it.
  5. Spray the car with washable spray paint.
  6. Make the 4 tyres flat!
  7. Buy a bottle of coolant water, splash it around the radiator and make the owner think it is leak out from his car.
If you can borrow the car key from your friend for a while…
  1. Borrow the car key from your friend, unlocked the car, got in, put the driver side window down. Took out all the value thing and mess up the car interior when he is not around, and then return him the key. This will make him think he got robbed.
  2. Go to the car park, drive the car to other side and far from where it originally park.
  3. If you plan to pull a prank on cars under 500 dollars, just go ahead with whatever in your mind!

There are always a lot of ideas can be create innovatively with cars, some people create cute valentines ideas with cars to make their lover happy, while some create very funny pranks to make life more relax. As long as there is no permanent damage or any damage to the car, harmless car pranks is all in good fun!


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