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Han Xue meets Red Mini Cooper


Choosing or driving a car for show the cool-ness, character of a guy, but what about girls? China famous TV channel “vehicle to help women” invited famous artist Han Xue to try out BMW New Mini Cooper Cabriolet on the show when she is in dilemma to choose her private ride. After she tried this red Mini Cooper, she mention that this is a very nice car, it just that this car is really small and just like the car name “MINI”.

Initially when Han Xue tried out the car, she feels that this car should be drive by those small little girls, she feels that she seems to be more suitable for a bigger and spacious car. She mentions that the car was cool and easy to drive. The model is just like the one Britney Spears driving in LA last summer.

Although Han Xue obtained her driving license for 3 years, she had never drive on the road for more than 100 km. However, it is very nice driver’s license records, has never been illegal. Will Han Xue go for Mini Cooper as her private car?


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