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Here is your scrumptious top 10 best fuel efficient cars and most reliable cars to use in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, hybrid cars have beaten most of the gasoline powered car in automobile market. This has show a trend that in coming few years in 2012, 2013, or even 2014, hybrid cars will more common to see on the road.

Here we go for the top 10 most fuel efficient and reliable cars. The list is ranked by mpg regardless of hybrid cars or gasoline-powered cars. Miles per gallon, selling price, and a short description is given.

Top 10 Ranking MPG (City) MPG (Highway)

1. Toyota Prius Hybrid

With 50 combined fuel economy and sweet outlook designed, the Prius
is the top selling hybrid cars in U.S market and also in some other country.
Price starts from $22,400.

51 48

2. Honda Civic Hybrid

42 combined mph for city drive. Excellent outlook, comfortable interior
with silky design, digital speed meter that brings a little futuistic
feeling in this compact cars.

40 45

3. Honda Insight Hybrid

With 4 cylinder, 1.3 Liter engine, this full-size sedan achieves 41 combined
mpg. Price starts from $27,300.

40 43

4. Chevrolet Volt 230

The Volt uses a simple technology. Charge it overnight and the car will
be able to run 40 miles purely on electric charge. The car uses a range-extending
gas generator to produceds electricity to power it for hundred miles on
a single tank of gas. The volt is estimated to have 41 combined mpg. You
can buy it at $41,000 or $350 per month with leasing option.


5. Ford Fusion Hybrid

One of the most fuel efficient cars in 2010. A nice family sedan that
achieves 39 combined mpg. Price starts at $27,300.

41 36

6. Mercury Milan Hybrid

With 39 combined mpg and selling price starts at $27,500. The Milan is
considered as cousin of the Fusion. The Hybrid version of Milan saved
50% more on fuel comapred to non-hybrid Milan.

41 36

7. Honda CR-Z Hybrid

What else can say for this cool, sports look, and with a little bit exotic
designed hybrid car that achieves 37 combined mpg? Price of the CR-Z hybrid
starts from $19,200. The CR-Z hybrid also considered as the top 10 eco
friendly cars

38 36

8. Smart ForTwo

Small, easy to drive, cute look. The Smart ForTwo is a small-size gasoline-powered
car that designed for two person. It is the most fuel efficient non-hybrid
car on the market due to it’s light weight. Price starts from $12,000
and it achieves 36 combined mpg.

33 41

9. Toyota Camry Hybrid

First introduced in Japan and North America in early 2006. The Camry
Hybrid represented 8.3% of Toyota’s global hybrid sales by 2009 which
ranks after the Prius. Price starts from $26,150 and achieves 34 combined

33 34

10. Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Another non-hybrid cars that slip into the top 10 list. The Jetta TDI
is diesel-powered car which run on a 2 Liter manual 6-speed engine. Price
starts from $21,900.

30 41

The top 10 list are always not enough for readers who planning to buy a car. There are some other cars which give good performance and low fuel consumption rather than this top 10. Cars like Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit (known as Honda Jazz in Asia country), Nissan Altima hybrid, Ford Escape hybrid, Mazda Tribute hybrid, Mercury Mariner hybrid, Mini Cooper, Ford Focus, Audi A3 TDI, Lexus HS 250h are some other fuel efficient cars.


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