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There is hundreds of Ford cars were built over decades and among these hundreds, we find the best top five Ford luxury cars. Many Ford luxury cars have been built in the recent years although Ford cars are always well-known for affordable for the average consumer since 1910s when the Ford Model T went into mass production. Check out what these cars are.

Lincoln is the luxury brand of Ford just like Acura for Honda and Lexus for Toyota. However, here we list the top five luxury car originally from Ford.

Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird of T-Bird was first introduced in 1955. It was eventually known as the personal luxury car when the model was introduced. The production went on from 1955 through 2005 over eleven model generations. It is a 2-door model that has everything you need to define luxury from inside out.

Ford Elite

1975 Ford Elite

The Elite is definitely one of the most luxury muscle cars in the ‘70s. It was a more affordable luxury car than the Thunderbird in the ‘70s.

Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus 2012

Although you may not agree the first few Taurus generations is the luxury car, but you have to admit that Ford Taurus from 2010 onwards are truly a car with 6-packs luxury abs. Ford loaded the Taurus with many luxury features so that owners can get a smoother and more quiet ride in a safety way. When you see many people trade in their Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or an Audi for a Taurus, you know it has entered the luxury zone.

Ford GT40

Ford GT40

No one will disagree if we say the Ford GT40 is one of the best Ford luxury sports cars at all time. Production from 1964 to 1969 and it is still highly sought-after by many car enthusiasts today.

Ford Crown Victoria

2011 Ford Crown Victoria

The brand new Ford Crown Victoria remains one of the last body-on-frame, real-wheel drive, V-8 powered sedans available. It is definitely a Ford luxury car due to its extreme durability and able to fit in six passengers.

As one of the earliest car brands in the world, Ford is constantly changing their design, quality, and price base on consumer demands (See Ford Logo). Ford offers vehicles and cars with a variety of sizes, performance, seating configurations, interior designs, as well as electric engine. It is no doubt that Ford has more than five luxury car including the Ford GTX1, Ford Mustang, Ford Edge as well as the classic Ford Model A. They are all Ford luxury cars.


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