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Ford Canada announcement: Another small car


Ford Canada had finally made the announcement for small car in Canadian automobile market in year 2010. These small cars may be the Figo or Fiesta. According to Ford Motor Company marketing analyst, he says the demand for small cars will keep on increasing and become the biggest segment of the U.S. market for the next few years. One of the main reasons is the gasoline price keep on rising due to limited resources on the earth. (See also Gasoline Price History)

Currently there are two small cars from Ford, one is the long well known Ford Fiesta since 1976 until today’s latest sixth generation that will be available in North America which included Canada in year 2010.

Ford Fiesta in Canada

The production of Fiesta will begin in early 2010 at Ford’s Cuautitlan Assembly Plant. The European hatchback model, which looks sporty with 2 doors, will be added for Canada and North America buyer. Cuaututlan Assembly Plant was to built large Ford truck like Ford Western Hauler and some other Ford F-Series pickup like Ford f150, but it has now transformed to built all these small cars to target the small car market in North America for the coming years.

Ford Fiesta

“Ford is absolutely committed to leveraging our global assets to accelerate the shift to more fuel-efficient small cars and powertrain technologies that people really want and value,” said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally, who was in Mexico for the announcement.  “Our investments in these facilities in Mexico are part of our plan to further realign our manufacturing capacity in line with the introduction of more small cars and crossovers.”

According to Ford Motor Company SWOT analysis, people from country in North America like Canada are going towards smaller car. The demand has constantly grow from time to time.

“Customers responded very positively after seeing both the sedan and hatchback versions of the Verve small car concept,” said Mark Fields, president of The Americas, Ford Motor Company.  “We know the market is headed toward more small cars and crossovers.  With our product and manufacturing flexibility, we will be able to offer both models and add production capacity.”

Ford Figo as another small car

The Figo, another small car like TATA Motors Nano from Ford will be built in India and go on sales as 2010 model. It will sell to Asia Pacific and Africa regions but haven’t confirm will it available in Canada. This is the brand new fuel-efficient small cars added by Ford to its production. It is a reflection from big cars built by Ford such as the 2008 Ford Edge.

ford figo 2010


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