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Ferrari 360 spider


Ferrari 360 spider is a two-seat sports car. The 360 spider model comes without the hard roof and known as convertible model which similar to transporter 2 Lamborghini. Ferrari 360 is an entirely new all-aluminum space-frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than the F355, and it works as the replacement for Ferrari F355 as well.

ferrari 360 spider

  • 3.6 liters V8 engine @ 400bhp
  • Torque: 274 lb-ft @ 4750 rpm
  • Suspension: Aluminum double wishbone
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual
  • Wheel Base: 102.36 inches
  • Brakes: 4-wheel vent. Disc
  • Weight: 3196 lbs
  • Top speed of the 360 spider can go up to 300km/h (186mph)
  • 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62.14 mph) in just 4.4 seconds
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): 10 mpg city / 16 mpg highway (24 Liters / 100km and 14 Liters / 100km). Also check out the gasoline price history.
  • Fuel capacity: 95 Liters (25Galon). Full tank of gasoline approximately can go for about 395km (245 miles).
  • Price: Approximately US$167,629

ferrari 360 spider interior

Ferrari 360 produced from late 1999 until 2005, but the 360 spider was launched in year 2000. The spider weighs is around 60 kg (130 lbs) more than the coupe. What makes the Ferrari 360 spider special is the fabric hood which folds down in 20 seconds and it is hidden under a rear deck with twin ‘speed humps’ that also conceal the roll-over hoops, isn’t it cool enough?

ferrari 360 spider rear view

Handling of 360 Spider

The 360 Spider is one of the best convertible super exotic sports cars and has the sort of handling. The low profile tyres helps to absorb on rough roads and the car is firmly set and errs very much on the sports side of suspension set-up.

ferrari 360 spider side view

Ferrari 360 spider price is considered reasonable. It is Ferrari’s 20th road-going convertible and record breaker in terms of engineering, looks, and performance. It has the most advanced convertible available today that the hood able to fold inside the engine bay regardless of the hood up or down, the engine still visible under its clear glass cover.

ferrari 360 spider front view
ferrari 360 spider rear


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