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The evilest evil car pranks is written by a devilish angel here. The best ever evil yet harmless car pranks technique to make your victims sombre and stuck in between angry and funny. A very good car prank to make the car owner nervous can be related to the car outlook, gasoline, fake car company service…etc All these car prank will become more funny especially if the owner just got his or her new car! For example, Ferrari 360 spider, muahaha.

The top of top 5 Devil prank!

1. Why my car gas mileage is so poor?

This is a long prank among all the pranks to pull on a car that has been written previously. Try to siphon few liters of gas out of the victim’s car everyday, keep continue this for a couple of weeks and store it in a safe pot. After a month or two, start to fill the gas back to the same car everyday for a few weeks. This will definitely make the owner lost their mind with the poor gas mileage.

2. New car with hot car girls

This will be fun during April fool. Rent a super exotic sports car and hire some pretty car girls, ask the girls drive it to find your friend. This is gonna make them have a fancy day in their lifetime.

3. A call to free upgrade your car

Try to use a public phone to call your victim and tell him he win a free upgrade to his car. For example, if your friend is driving a Ford Focus, you can call him and said you are from Ford Motor Company he has win a free upgrade to a Ford F150 or a Ford Western Hauler… Tell him all these are forged when you feel he has reached 99% of excited over the phone after knowing the news.

4. Birthday song in a car?

Purchase 10 or 20 musical birthday cards, eradicate the electronic devices from the card and ribbon or stick them at the undercarriage of the car or wherever that is tremendously hard to find. The car will have unfinished birthday song until the batteries finish. This is definitely one of the great car pranks.

5. Give a messy direction

This can only be done when your friend is writing down a direction to get to someone’s house or someone’s place. Change North->South, West->East, change the direction to a place that totally different from where he or she should go. This obviously can be use as one of the car revenge pranks.

Having enough fun of the top 5 evil car pranks? So change yourself from an angel to an evil, you will make a fun prank!


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