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Drivers Ed car game


Here you can play drivers Ed car game for free and learn how to drive and park cars virtually from these car games. These games will help you to be a good driver. There are several versions of driving games available to play and these car games are created by DriversEd.com. It is fun to play and you can learn some driving judgment at the same time.

Learning to drive a car can be something easy but for some people it can be something very frustrated especially beginners. A mistake will cost money to repair and a big mistake may any time cost a car. Thus, it is good to play around with the virtual game before you start to learn how to drive a car in practical world.

What is fun about the game?

In the game the can choose practice lessons or driving test. Under practice lessons, you can choose to learn parallel parking, left turn at a four-way stop, left turn at a green light, proceed four-way stop, and pulling out of parking space. You will be given a virtual instructor in the game and he or she will tell you:

  • How to handle an intersection with a four-way blinking red light?
  • When to yield the right-of-way and how to safely make a left turn?
  • Who has the right-of-way and how to proceed at four-way stop?

Once you feel you have managed all the practice lessons you can play around with the driving test. The final driving test is just like your practice lessons but no mistakes are allowed. In conclusion, the game is just for entertainment purposes, it can give beginners a simple guide about traffic rules and basic driving information but it should not be used as driving guide, it is just a fun flash-made car game for drivers who feel they are great.


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