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Drive to Thailand: Phang Nga to Phuket


There are many piers on the way to Phuket from Phang Nga. These piers have boats to a few famous islands around such as James Bond island, Phi-Phi island and more. I continue my journey as my fuel level is getting low. I am really curious to know that how far a Mini Cooper can really go if it is filled up with 50 liters of RON 95 petrol.

Drive a car to Phuket

Driving through Thepkasattri Bridge (beside Sarasin Bridge) Phuket. Sarasin Bridge is the first bridge built that linked Phuket island to the mainland of Phang Nga province. Built in 1067 and this bridge is only 700 m long. Now, all cars have to go through Thepkasattri Bridge in order to go Phuket island.

Welcome to Phuket…

Welcome to Phuket

A colorful hotel in Phuket that matches my Mini Cooper color – Holland Resort Phuket.

Mini Cooper yellow

Now that my mileage indicator shows 73,105 km. In Malaysia border, I filled up nearly 50 liter of RON 95 petrol and this tank of petrol traveled 601.5 km.


In order to track fuel mileage for my car, I drive to a PTT petrol station and fill up Gasohol 95. It costs 1400 baht for 47.72 liter. That’s about 2 liter of RON 95 left in my fuel tank. Perhaps this shows that my car uses about 48 liters of RON 95 fuel to travel 601.5 km. In conclusion, the fuel consumption is 12.53 km/l (29.47 mpg). According to Edmunds, a standard ’05 MINI Cooper gas mileage is 24 mpg city and 33 highway. As I drive around Hatyai, Trang, Krabi and Phang Nga town, I am considered getting a very good mileage. The latest 2015 MINI Cooper F56 fuel consumption is 29 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. Compared to that, I am still considered the Mini Cooper R50 a reliable car for long journey drive. What do you think? Now that I am still wondering how far can my Mini Cooper go with a mixture of 47.72 liter Gasohol 95 and 2 liter of RON 95. This tank of petrol will be used to drive in Phuket down town and let’s see how far it can go. Perhaps it can last for about 400 – 450 km. See the top 10 fuel saving tips if you would like to know how to save fuel for more mileage.

petrol price in Thailand

Hard Rock Café, Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand.

Hard Rock Phuket

Lastly, I have checked in another hotel in Phuket town, Shyne hotel. I’ve selected this hotel because it has a good car park for my car. My car has a great place to rest for another journey and it has a great buddy too, a red modified Nissan Juke with 19” sport wheels. This Nissan Juke belongs to a young lady who is also the daughter of the hotel owner.

Nissan Juke and Mini Cooper

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