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Drive to Thailand: Hatyai to Trang to Krabi


The “Drive to Thailand” journey continues from Hatyai to Trang. Trang is a very small town and I decided to drop by for delicious local food. I notice there is not much of petrol station in Thailand compared to Malaysia. Therefore, it is always recommended to fill up your fuel tank whenever you see a petrol station. In Thailand, there are a few different types of petrol. The RON 95 that is commonly used in Malaysia is considered as expensive petrol in Thailand and not every petrol station sell it. You can only find RON 05 (Benzin 95) in PTT, Esso, Chevron, PTG, Susco, and Pure. However, it is not easy to locate these petrol brands except PTT and Esso. In case you can’t find RON 95, there is an option to go for Gasohol 95. Gasohol 95 and Gasohol 91 is commonly used due to the fuel price in Thailand is expensive.

This is what you need in your car – A reliable GPS system to bring you anywhere (see what is the best GPS system for cars).

best car GPS

I was supposed to travel to Trang through Phatthalung but somehow the GPS brought me to Tamot.

drive to Thailand

This is one kind of petrol station you will see during your way. Do you dare to pump fuel from this to your Ferrari, Hummer, Lamborghini or even MINI? Well, I have fill up to full tank at Malaysia border and the computer in my car shows that my fuel can still travel for 400 km so I bet that the MINI can arrive in Phuket without the need to pump any petrol.

amazing petrol station

Turn left to Trang… The weather is 35.5 Celsius (95.9 Fahrenheit) to the highest 37.5 Celsius (99.5 Fahrenheit).


Trang 41 km. It is getting closer.

Trang Thailand

And here is the iconic fountain in Trang + roundabout + a beautiful yellow MINI Cooper.

drive to Thailand

It’s about 150km from Hatyai to Trang and another 150 km from Trang to Krabi. The car is full but the driver is hungry, it is time to hunt for delicious food in Trang, Thailand.

Trang Thailand

Now the stomach is filled up. The journey continues from Trang to Krabi, one of the most famous places in Thailand. It took about 2 hours to arrive at Krabi. I decided to spend a night at this famous town and I have checked in Tairada hotel. Tairada hotel is a new hotel in Krabi. It doesn’t ranked good in Tripadvisor because of the location is bad for travelers without a transport but it is perfect for people who travel with cars.

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