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The best technique of how to draw cool cars is here! All the cool cars, fast cars, sports cars, muscle cars drawing can be found here. All these super exotic sports cars can draw easily if you learn the step by step drawing carstechnique we shared here with passion. You can also find out some technique to draw cartoon cars here as well. Let’s prepare your pencil, eraser, and paper and start to draw these coolest ever cars!

There are many types of cool cars you can choose to draw, such as Ferrari F50, Ferrari 360 spider, some classic sports cars like Lamborghini Countach, or Transporter 2 Lamborghini…etc It is up to your personal hobby. It only requires 3 main things to draw cool cars successfully which is “Imagination, Creativity, and Passion”. Here you can choose what type of cool cars you prefer to draw:

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Step by step to draw cool cars

Here we use a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster as an example. (Images are from Dragoart.com)

Step 1 – Sketch out the car like what factory do

If you notice all our previous teaching, first step is always sketch out the car body or frame. Drawing cool cars are unlike some other cars, what to take note is the car shape. Cool cars obviously come in cool shape, it is totally different from weird Japanese concept car. Most of the cool cars are shorter in height as to take advantage of aerodynamic. Off course there are still other cool high cars like Hammer, Bigfoot, pimped out cars…etc

draw cool cars step 1

Step 2 – Draw cool detailing and car accessories

Further the lining you sketch in step 1. Draw the lining for windshield as well as the cool wheels like tricked out cars, just 2 round circles will do. Do remember do not draw the circles like a flat tire because cool cars does not come with flat tires. Draw a frame to form the car windows, it also function as a main lining to separate the hood with the car body. Once you almost see the Murcielago shape, add more cool car accessories to it such as fog lights, sport rims, and headlamps. You can draw 4 simple line to form the hood and the rear window details.

draw cool cars step 2

Step 3 – Last step to draw and complete the car

Now you can add more stuff to the car especially body and rims detailing. You can draw several small circles to make the original Lamborghini sport rims on this car. Last but not least, draw the Lamborghini emblem on the hood. You can also make the car to more lively by coloring it with color pencils, there you can own a yellow, red, white, or black Murcielago you want.

draw cool cars step 3

Videos on how to draw cool cars


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