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Douchebags! Don’t buy these damn cars


damn antique cars
It is a big mistake to think antique cars are to drive slow and enjoy the scene. Look at the modified antique car above and all it takes is less than 10 secs from 0 – 60 mph.

pimped out cars
Pimped out cars doesn’t have to be the latest new car or latest sports cars. It can be something new, something different, or even something really cool from the past.

Ford Mustang
Now that’s what we call a fierce black Ford Mustang.

Volkswagen Beetle
The classic Volkswagen Beetle can sometimes be very scary. Look at the muffle and the modification on the engine. Do not try to challenge it if your car doesn’t have anything above 250hp.

cool old damn cars
Sometimes rusty car can be cool too.

modified cars
The car itself is an art and this picture is another piece of art.

classic cars
For some people it just a rusty old car but for car enthusiasts they will die for this car.

Volkswagen Combi Van
Did anyone said the Volkswagen Combi isn’t a cool ride? Please look at this black Combi and re-write your comment.

Nissan 280 ZX
This nice Nissan 280ZX Fairlady is taken in Thailand. Douchebag! You will never stand a chance to drive this!

Volkswagen Beetle
Another cool Volkswagen Beetle.

Porsche 911
The Porsche 911… 911.

damn cars
This car is not for douchebags, neither kids of douchebags.


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