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This article is all about the information about donating a car, where to donate used cars, and the advantages of donate your car. The benefits that bring to you when you donating away your used car are a lot more than you can imagine. The car you donate away helps the people who need it. Besides, you are free from the hassle to sell off the car and you can also get your tax deduction at the same time.

Usually the donor cars will sell by the charities to generate funds for people who need help, including the American Kidney Fund, American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, and many more. However, there are many middle men who take in donor cars and sell it for their own profit, therefore it is suggested to donate car to well-known organization.

Advantages of donate your car

  • Donate away a used car helps you to get tax deductions or charitable deductions from IRS. You can claim up to the maximum of $500.
  • Donate a car you can help people who need it and anytime change someone’s life. It is happy to do any charity work.
  • Donate your car anytime less hassle than selling it. See donate my car to charity.

Where can I donate a car?

America’s Car Donation Center. It has been the largest and most trusted choice for car donations for non-profit charities since 1992. You can call 1-800-237-5714. The line is open 7 days a week.

Kars 4 Kids. This is another reputable charity to donate your car. You will receive a receipt for an IRS tax deduction, free towing, and a free vacation voucher. Call 1.877.Kars.4.Kids, 24 hours a day.

How to donate a car?

Get a donation form or call the charities after you have chosen which charity to donate you used car. Most of the charities will provide towed away services. Once you have confirmed your car location and the details, the charities will arrange a time to come to your place and pick up the car. All you need to do is remove all your belongings in the car. You can leave it outside the garage if you are not free but it is recommended to handle yourself. Usually recognized charities will use a licensed or insured towing company or their own tow car. They will give you an official receipt at the time of pick up. This give you hassle free and the whole process are really simple when donating away a car.

Donate my car to charity

Here is the delicious guide on how can I donate my car to charity and 3 reasons why I have to donate my car to the charity organization. Donating a car or any vehicles to charity organization brings a lot of benefits to the needy and it helps to save taxation at the same time, so why not? Unfortunately, things don’t go so well especially there are many middle men who look for profit from donated car. Read some of the tasty tips and correct way to donate your car and avoid all the hassles before you make your move.

What kind of cars can I donate?

Any kind of cars, MPV, SUV, sedan cars, clunkers (see cash for clunkers), wrecked carssalvage carsold junk cars, muscle cars, exotic cars, cars without title, and among others. You can still donate your car even it has not run for years or even the engine is spoilt.

How to donate a car to charity?

1. Check with your tax advisor to determine how much you can benefit from the donor car.

2. Find out any recognized charity organization near to you and make a call to them to arrange donor car pick up. You will receive a receipt or bill of donation free of charge at the time when the car is picked up or tow away.

3. Check with your state law whether you have to remove the car license plate and return the DMV before the car tow away or leave it with the car. The car is under your responsible until the moment it is picked up, so you are responsible to clear any personal belongings inside the car and also any traffic fines.

Where to donate a car?

Usually any charity accepts donor car. Online car donation, Church, America’s car donation center, and Will Companies are good places where you can apply to donate a car.

3 reasons to donate a car to charity

Donate your car away to any recognized charity helps to claim tax deduction from IRS. The amount is either up to maximum of $500 or based on the amount the charity sell your car. Thus if your car value is any cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars, it is worth to do donate it out.

Any old cars, clunkers, wrecked cars that cost a lot to repair is worth to donate away. For example, if a wrecked BMW requires $8,000 thousand to repair and the market value of the car is only worth $10,000, why not donate it away?

Donating a car gives hassle free and it is happy if the car goes to needy. There are many charities offers tow services where they will come to your door and pick up the donor car. It is hassle free, able to claim taxation and at the same time helping the needy, why not donate it to charity?


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