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Dodge Grand Caravan


Here are some Dodge Grand Caravan reviews and tips to find the promotion to enjoy 0% APR and $1000 dollars cash allowance. Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the coolest cars that falls under minivans category in automobile market. It is a seven-seater minivans that are fun to drive and to join any caravan tour with family.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Here are some reviews collected from people who currently own Dodge Grand. The good point and bad point of this car are pointed out clearly. It is good for potential buyer to go through and decide which model to buy.

What is good about this car?

  • Safety of the car is the first thing to give praise. The 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan has been awarded the highest ratings for frontal and side impact protection from NHTSA.
  • Side curtain air bags and four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes (ABS)
  • The design of the car gives an impressive cargo space for your family during your travel.
  • The interior features of the car score a good point. It is kid-friendly and front overhead console are fitted with interior observation mirror and manual driver’s lumbar support.
  • Price is starting from US$24,000 with a smooth six-speed automatic transmission that gives 25 mph on highway.

Bad things about it

  • Cheaper model comes with plastic-look interior that makes the styling of the car look too pragmatic.
  • The material used on the interior look like less expensive car especially when you touch it.
  • The performance of the car is slightly unsatisfied if compared to some other same category car such as the Honda Odyssey which has a better power. However, the Odyssey has a higher price tag too.

The promotion

Dodge is now doing promotion in the US market. There are three choices where you can choose to have a 60-day test drive, or $1,000 cash allowance, or 0% APR or 60 months plus a $500 GMAC bonus cash. Visit the website at dodge.com to find out more great deals about the Dodge Grand Caravan.


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