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Top 10 ways to design your own custom car or customize your own car is shared here! If you are about to create any custom cars, make sure these cars fun, creative, eye catching and innovative! Some of the 
pimped out cars from custom car shows are very outstanding with the custom car parts on the car body. Thus, make up your mind now and follow some of the tips below to design your own car.

There are no custom cars available for sale in any market. This is because these cars are only unique to the creator’s preference or particular likes. Let’s check out some of these parts or ways that you can design and create your own custom car.

Pick a car with special shape

Choosing a nice ride is always first choice to really customize a car and make it nice. If you go for a normal sedan car, that will need a lot more effort to make it attractive. Classic cars are always one of the choices. For example, Austin 8, 1960’s Shelby Cobra, Aston Martin, Hudson, Hornet, MG, Chevrolet Bel Air, Ford Thunderbird…etc You can also choose muscle cars such as Rod Saboury!

Customize Wheel

As repeat again and again, car wheel is one of the most eye-catching parts from a cool car. You can use any custom made wheels on your car as long as it fitted nicely to the car. The PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) can be modified anytime to fit in.

Body Kit

There are a lot of after market custom body kit available for sale, but you can also build your own body kit fit to the car. Some small cars uses big cars body kit to make the car look a little bit exaggerate like some other tricked out cars, once again, “As long as it fit in nicely and not ugly” since its your own car. You can also customize your door open up like super exotic sports cars rather than just like normal way to open the car door.

Custom car body color

A special color can bring very special effect or result to the car as color is also one of the most eye catching things during car shows. Either it is a solid color, metallic 2k, pearl 3k…etc. If you see Paris Hilton getting out of car (Pink Bentley), it is really eye catching!

Accessories and parts

There are a lot of car accessories and parts available in the market. It is no rules for custom car to put any type of accessories or decal to the car as long as it looks nice. A Toyota can put Honda accessories!

How to design your own custom car

Before you really start to put all the hard work or hard job to your car, things to consider are such as:

  • Budget – Obviously this is one of the major concern, some car parts aren’t cheap. This has got to include the cost to purchase all needed tools.
  • Time and Schedule – How much time it takes to modify a part fit to the car, how long does it takes to complete a custom car?
  • Working Space – This may be a little bit hard for those who stay in heart of city where the land is expensive. You will need a big and clean place to create nice job.

Click on here “build your own carto use the virtual software to design your own custom car.

custom car


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