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Customize your own car


Best way to customize your own car is here! The customized cars as cool as pimped out cars, and it looks like as fast as super exotic sports cars. Cool car pictures and images are shared here. There are a lot of aftermarket options available for all the cars lovers to customize their car for all car categories from exotic car, to muscle car, to any classic midget models, or even customize a classic Mini cooper.

Top 5 things to customize your car
chrome customized car
1. Engine and Performance

Here you can customize the engines by adding extra performance engine parts to increase the horse power and the engine performance. You can get any cars under 500 dollars where the body already rusted but with the perfect engine and engine parts inside. Customized transmissions, exhaust, induction, electrical and electronics to your own car will also enhance the performance of the car.

2. Chassis and Wheels

Some of the cars lovers look for any project cars for sale or impounded cars for sale where they get the “half-way-done” car and customize the car according to their preference. For wheels, a bigger size, offset and chrome shining wheels is what cars lovers always look for to make the car look nicer, check out the Ford Western Hauler.

3. Exterior and Body

The car exterior color and body is what make a customize car look customized. Airbrush and special body parts will definitely make the car look special. Take the 2008 Mini Cooper as example, it appears as 10 Most Outrageous Paint Jobs of 2008, the paint job and airbrush really make the car looks stands above all other cars.

4. Interior and Cockpit

What can you change to make your car special? The interior can be done by changing the Seats in terms of colors and style. Steering wheels, shift knobs, and all other interior accessories did play a main part to make the car look special. The Pimped out classic mini cooper did a very good job by adding the chrome handle, special decals to the steering wheels and dashboard.

5. ICE – In Car Entertainment

Sound systems, DVD player or even a Sony Play Station will make the ICE look great in a car. Look at the Ford edge commercial song, the new Ford edge originally come with the GPS and some software which wins a lot of cars buyersheart.

Customize your own car can be something very fun and it is endless with a lot of spare parts available and compatible spare parts from different brand. The fun to drive your own customize car can be as cool as driving a Transporter 2 Lamborghini!

customize cars interior


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