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Customize a car is something fun! And off course creativity is the major key to customize your own car so that it can become an outstanding car and look different from other car when you park your car in car park. Aren’t you wanted to make your car attractive enough to catch other’s eye to look at it? Cool cars are what a car lover always need! Therefore, Top 10 things to customize a car have been shared out here to make your car look wonderful.

Air Brush. If you are intend to make it look a little bit cooler than other car, air brush is one of the choices to make it the car look special and look like fast cars. Thunder lining or lights lining air brush will make the car look fierce!

Body Kit. This is one of the most common and easiest things to add to the car to make it look different. There are a lot of after market option available. Take a Honda Civic FD for example, Mugen or Modulo body kit are available for the particular car. Isn’t it make it look more sporty?

Car Sticker. Volcom car stickersare the easiest and most famous car stickers that most of the car lovers would to think of it at first thought. You can customize the car sticker according to your own desired design, and make your car look “personalize”, make it a cool car ever. Alternatively, you can go for family car stickers or roxy car stickers.

Car magnet. Car magnet does play some role to make your car look special. If you look at the Mini Cooper that shown in paw car magnet rescue post, you will see how attractive it is with all the paw magnet on the car if compare to some other ordinary or original Mini Cooper R56. Besides, some magnet not only helps to make our car look special but it also help us to do a meaningful thing rather than just a pure magnet, such as the life’s good oval car magnet.

Color. A color that different from the color produced original from the automobile factory will certainly catch people eyes. Colors that available in the market are solid, metallic 2k, or pearl 3k paint…etc. Try to see Paris Hilton getting out of car post, isn’t her pink Bentley is catching audience’s eye?

Exterior. Special or personalized decals, badges, sport rims, spoiler, lining…etc will make the car look special. For some car, there are quite a lot of options to upgrade the exterior as well as the performance. For example, there are quite a lot of high performance parts for audi a4in the market for Audi A4. Other than that, lowered a car will some how make the car look cool as well.

I.C.E (In Car Entertainment). If ICE is your hobby, this is going to be fun. A great Subwoofer, Amplifier, 3-way speakers, DVD player, LCD TV, even a Sony play station can be add in to your interior. You will definitely enjoy the song or MTV while you are traveling on a long journey. Take note when add all these equipment to your car as it will take a high voltage, a detail wiring work has to be done nicely. Some wiring diagram or owner’s manual that available in MalaysiaMiniLover is Ford alternator wiring diagram, BMW z3 owner’s manual, 2005 BMW m3 convertible owners manual, Mercedes-benz slk owners manual, Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual, Free Ford Mondeo owners manual…etc or you can direct go to the free user manuals.

Lighting. Lighting will obviously spice up the car, some of the cars with special effect lighting will look like pimped out cars. For example, HID or Xenon lights. Besides, some special gauges with nice lights place on the dash board will make the car look nice during night time.

Tinted. A cool, shinning, reflecting tinted will make an ordinary sedan car look as sporty as super exotic sports cars. In the meantime, it can protect you from the hot sun light if you are living in some hot country or during summer.

Truck Beds. This customization is mainly for those 4×4 or trucks. If you are using a Western Hauler Trucks, a nice personalizes Western Hauler Truck Beds can be added to your car to make it look special.

The customize technique will make a car look like tricked out cars and as cool as it can be, but must make sure you customize your own car in a correct and creative way, wrong method or ugly design will make it looks like having pranks to pull on a car and make the car look funny. Always remember, a cool car will able to help you pick up Hot car girls!


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