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Here you can play free cop car games, cop car test drive games, cop car chasing games, and pimp my cop car. You can choose any cars you like in the game either to be the cop cars, police cars, or the bad guy cars. You will need to catch the bad guy if you choose to use cop cars, otherwise, you need to run out from police cars and avoid them in order to win the game.

Crazy Cop Miami

A fun and crazy game from Miami! You can use the arrow keys to turn your car up, down, left, right, and use the space button to shoot other running car. Avoid the needle on the floor else you will lose in the game. Play the game here drivers Ed car game.


This is your turn to be the bad guy. In this game you are the one who just robbed a bank and you need to race around the city streets in a hotrod! Your objective is to drop off the stolen goods at key check points and you have to get to your hideaway before cops catch you. You can play this game at freeonlinegames.com/arcade-games/fwg-pursuit.html. Try to look for objects that will help you to escape in the game. It’s your chance to drive crazily without have to worry anything.

Crazy Police Car

Crazy police car

Here is another great game where you can race your own cop cars. Press left and right arrow keys to steer easily to left and right. The fame may look a little bit funny as the car tends to jump left and right. Use up and down arrow to control the speed, up is to move faster and down is to brake the car. Use the spacebar to jump over another car in front of you. The jumping is what makes this game one of the funniest cop car games.


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