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Here are the top 10 cool cars we miss. The production is ceased and we no longer able to buy these cars new from manufacturers. Sad, sad, sad! These cars are so cool in style, so fun to ride on, and some people who used to drive it describe it as “Cars that would take away my soul when I speed it”. It’s been more than a century since the first gasoline-powered car invented by Karl Benz. With more than 100 years, there are thousands of cars has been built, some are extremely ugly, some are with funny car names like Daihatsu Naked, but some are awfully cool in style with cool name that people couldn’t allow to forgot.

1. Ford GT (2003-2008)

Red Ford GT
The Ford GT look like the 60’s racecar Ford GT40. It is because the GT design is inspired by the GT40. This mid-engine two-seater sport car features many unique technologies in the car including superplastic-formed aluminum body panels, 1-piece door panels, and a special aluminum center tunnel which make the car look cyber. Within 6 years, only 4038 Ford GT was ever built.

2. Lotus Esprit (1976-2004)

Lotus Esprit
Although there are 10,675 were built, it has left less than 10,000 on earth today. If you are a big fans of James Bond, you will know that Bond only choose cool cars with ultimate style. And yes, the 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 were used in the 1977 James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

3. Honda NSX/Acura NSX (1990-2005)

Honda NSX
Honda NSX is definitely the Asian’s Ferrari. It is the one and only Japanese made mid-engine rear-wheel sports car that could describe as the “Ferrari Fighter”. The handling and the outlook is no doubt can compete with Ferrari. Sadly, the production stopped in 2005 and it makes Honda/Acura fans always think when the legendary Acura NSX will be back.

4. Lamborghini Countach (1974-1990)

Lamborghini Countach
The cool cars we will miss are usually cars no longer in production and already became a cult-icon in automobile world. Now here is the Lamborghini Countach. It is crazily sought-after many car collectors around the world even until today.

5. Enzo Ferrari (2002-2004)

Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari, none of the Ferrari fans wouldn’t know this name, either refer to the car, or refer to the father of Ferrari. The car was built using F1 technology including carbon-fibre body, traction control, and some others. What makes it a cool car that we miss is the fierce but friendly front look and coolest ever body shape. Cheers for Enzo Ferrari!

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