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Cool car drawing


Here is your delicious A-list of cool car drawing images, custom car drawing pictures, caricatures, and simple steps to draw real cool car. Car drawing mainly require patience and time where it has no rules saying how a cool car suppose to be. The imagination is unlimited where you can draw anything appear in your mind and create a piece of your own art for any cars you like. The main three things to draw cool cars are “Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation”

It takes nothing but passion and practice to draw any cool cars you like. Here is the simple and basic five easy steps to draw a real cool car.

Step 1 Sketches the car chassis

You are drawing a cool car, not any normal sedan car or family car. Sketch the chassis base on any real cool exotic cars or sports cars like Lamborghini Murcielago, Reventon, or Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Follow the shape of the car and sketch out the frame.

Step 2 Draw the car roof

A cool car definitely has special roof if compared to some other car. Sketch the outline of the roof properly and then draw it with darker line once you have confirmed the line. Give the car a set of cool wheels by drawing 2 circles to form the wheels. You can draw any spoke on the wheel too.

Step 3 Draw the door

Now you can draw the car door. Sports car usually only has 2 doors, you will only need to draw 1 door if your drawing is side view. See some super exotic sports cars to catch more idea.

Step 4 Give the car some cool car accessories

A great cool car can’t without cool car accessories. You will have to draw the lining for windshield, draw some nice frame to form the car windows, and some lining to separate the hood with the car body.

Step 5 Complete the car drawing

Last but not least, complete the car with some colors using color pencils. If you want to keep the art black and white, you can draw some shading using pencil easily.

Steps to draw cool car

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Now what? Grab a pencil, eraser, and paper and start your own drawing.
Cool car drawing


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