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Looking for Columbus Ohio car dealers but don’t know which is the best to go? Want to buy new or used cars from car dealers in Columbus Ohio with the cheapest price? There are hundreds of car dealers across Columbus in Ohio. Some car dealers provide really good service at bargain price but some do not even pick up customer’s call after sales is done. Here is definitely your delicious A-list of top 10 best car dealers in Columbus, Ohio. You can find the best local car dealerships and get the best deal on your next car with online discount price quotes on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, or minivan.

1. Jack Maxton Car Dealers

Major and specialized in Chevrolet cars as well as some other cars. Highly recommended for potential buyers who look for Chevrolet because they have a huge inventory for Chevy.

2. Byers Auto

Honesty and trust is what consumer always looking for especially dealing with car deals. Byers Auto has been a family owned business and operated since 1897. With so many years in the field, you can definitely buy any new or used cars from them with no worries.

3. Toyota West

As the name of this dealer, it is obviously a good choice for Toyota. Toyota West often offers many good bargain for pre-owned Toyota cars as well as many good condition used Toyota. You can schedule your car service with them through online easily if you purchase your car from them.

4. Hugh White Downtown

Open from Monday to Friday, you can drop by to them if you are looking for used cars around Broad Street.

5. Arena Motor Sales

Located at 867 Reynolds Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201. Arena Motor Sales is one of the best places to drop by if you are looking for affordable Mopar or muscle cars for sale in Ohio.

6. Hugh White Honda

Well, they are not only particular on white color Honda but they have almost all the Honda cars you looking for. Located at 1360 Auto Mall Drive, Columbus, OH 43228. Worth to give it a try.

7. Kelli’s Auto Sales

Kelli’s is one of the great car dealers in Columbus with over twenty years in car sales business. Located just west of downtown Columbus, it is easy to reach them. You may find many cars for sale under 1000 dollars from Kelli’s.

8. Third Avenue Auto

Although the place may look small compared with big scale car dealer in Columbus, you can always find very good bargain here. It is also one of the very special car dealers in Ohio.

9. Tansky Sawmill Toyota

Toyota cars are very famous across the country. As the biggest car maker in the world, demands are always there. You can find lots of low miles yet low price Toyota cars here.

10. BOB CaldWell

Well, it is BOB, yes it is BOB. Located at 1888 Morse Road, BOB offer a wide range of vehicles from cars to trucks to pickup trucks. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or any car brands, you name it you get it. Cheap car price are what BOB always emphasize. You can find many cars under 10000 dollars in their inventory. Make it one of the best car dealers in Columbus, Ohio.


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