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Classic Mini MK4/MKIV 1976-1984


Mini MK4/MKIV generation comes from 1976 to 1984. Some confusion and uncertainty start happen here for mini lover. This is because the outlook is exactly same as MK3/MKIII especially the Mini 850 model. During MK4/MKIV generation, basically more performances of these cars were upgraded rather than the outlook. The main change from a MKIII Mini to MKIV was the front subframe has become rubber-mounted with a larger tower bolt on each side.

Some of the upgrade to Mini MK4/MKIV:

Mini 1100 Special

  • Front subframe was rubber-mounted
  • Rear subframe rubber mountings enlarged
  • Softer rubber springs were added
  • Twin column mounted control stalks installed
  • New switch panel with different style switches and hazard warning lights
  • Larger pedals from the Allegro was fitted
  • From 1979 onwards, the gutter drip rail was removed and plastic trim was fitted
  • The car engines and transmissions are basically the same as Mk3/MKIII
  • 1098cc engine were introduced from 1975 onwards
  • Extra sound deadening material was fitted to the floor pan areas for models from 1980 onwards

1976 – 1979
Production of Mini 850 MK IV
Details: Exactly a Mk3 body shell with internal hinges and wind up windows.
Engine size: 848cc
Original price: £596

Mini 1100 Special

Release of Mini 1100 Special
Details: This model is for Mini 20th Anniversary Special Edition. The color of the car painted in either Silver or Rose metallic. The car has come with 10 x Mini Special 5inch alloy wheels and wide 165/70/10 tyres. Unique centre console fitted along with larger engine as with the Mini Clubman model.
Engine size: 1098cc
Original price: £3,300
Mini 1100 Special
Mini 1100 Special brochure

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1979 – 1980
Production of Mini 850 City and Mini 850 Super De Luxe
Details: Houndstooth check cloth upholstery, City decals and black bumpers. Mini 850 Super De Luxe has striped fabric seats, face level ventilation and fitted carpets.
Engine size: 848cc
Original price: £2,482 (Mini 850 City) £2,482 (Mini 850 Super De Luxe)

Mini City E
Mini City E
On October 1983, Mini City E was officially introduced. Picture above was the brochure during the time.
Mini City E
1980 – 1992
Production of Mini City
Details: Similar specification to the previous Mini 850 City but with a larger capacity engine. Changed to 2 models in 1982- the Mini City E with economic 2.95 final drive ratio and 1000HL Saloon. Front disc brakes and 12 inch wheels from 1984. Two dial instrument pod from 1985. City E Model replaced with City model in 1988. Brake servo fitted from 1988.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £2,796 (Mini City) £2,999 (Mini City E) £3,363 (1000HL Saloon)

Mini Myfair
Mini Mayfair – “There’s still no serious rival” was the famous advertisement brochure for Mini Mayfair during 1984. Alloy wheels and wheel arch extensions optional at extra cost on Mini Mayfair.
Mini Myfair
1982 – 1992
Production of Mini Mayfair
Details: A more luxurious model compared to the Mini City. Radio, head restraints, locking fuel cap and tinted glass fitted as standard. Front disc brakes and 12 inch wheels from 1984. Brake servo fitted from 1988.
Engine size: 998cc / 1275cc (after May 1992)
Original price: £3,363.

Mini Sprite
The advertisement for Mini Sprite which launched on October 1983.
Production of Mini Sprite
Details: Available in either Cinnabar Red or Primula Yellow with ‘Sprite’ body decals. Fitted with Mini Special alloy wheels and wheel arch extensions.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,334

Mini 25 Mini 25
The Mini 25
Mini 25 Mini 25

The Mini 25 interior has Grey Velor seats with Map Pockets and Red Piping. The two Front Seats have a Mini 25 Decal. Also, the Steering Wheel and Seat Belts are also red to match the detail on the seats.

Production of Mini 25 (MKV version)
Details: Based upon the Mayfair model to celebrate 25 years of Mini production. Painted silver with ‘Mini 25’ decals and fitted with 12 inch wheels and front disc brakes.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £3,865

Mini MKIV has come to an end during 1984, do notice that the rear lights for Mini has added with reserve lights and the rectangle has become longer. MKIV generation has brought a big change in compare to Mini MK1/MKI, Mini MK2/MKII, or even MK3/MKIII.

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