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Classic Mini MK2 Generation

Having to move on from classic Mini first generation MK1, Mini MK2 was introduced in 1967 and it is the second generation for Mini car. Mini MK2 has several improvements across the Mini range, the most obvious changes is the new front grille design, it is more squarer shaped grille distinguished the new models from the front. Besides, MK2’s rear lamp has also changed to rectangular type and no longer like “slipper” look. Another observable changes is the larger rear window where also an instant recognition points.

Mini MK2

Standard Morris Mini MK2

1967 – 1969
Production of Austin Mini Mk2 and Morris Mini Mk2
Details: 2 models available- The Basic and the Super De Luxe. Models changed to Mini 850 and Mini 1000.

Improvement from MK1: New front MK2 grille design, larger rear window and rectangular rear lights. Brakes system improved.
Engine size: 848cc (The Basic and Super De Luxe model) or 998cc (Super De Luxe model only)
Original price: £509 (848cc basic) £555 (848cc Super De Luxe) £579 (998cc Super De Luxe)

Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 Woody
Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 Woody
1967 – 1969
Production of Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 and Morris Mini-Traveller Mk2
Details: All changes in line with the Mk2 saloon model. Increase in engine size over Mk1.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £610 (All metal body) £629 (Woody)

Some advertisement brochure for Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 and Morris Mini-Traveller Mk2 in the past

Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 Morris Mini-Traveller Mk2

On the left is the standard advertisement from Austin group to advertise Austin Mini Countryman. It is called “Austin Countryman MK2″ (Pub No: 2439). The Austin advertising group manage to choose a dire dark miserable colour to offer the MK2. This brochure open out approximately 22 x 16 inches.

The picture (yellow) on right is Morris Mini advertisement broucher in the past. It is “Morris. Wizardry at work again!” (Pub No: 62210)– Here you can see the Morris advertising group of people try to show these cars are superior! It was published in March 1962. This beautiful and lovely brochure opens up to approximately 22 x 24″ and is packed full of beautiful artwork and information for the car. It also try to show that Morris is far superior to anything produced by Austin. There are another brochure (Pub No: 6366) which looks exactly the same to this but that is for Non Woody Morris Mini-Traveller.

Morris Mini-Traveller Mk2 Morris Mini-Traveller Mk2

“Morris. Thrifty..all purpose” (Pub No: 2352) – This is the standard brochure being used until the end of MK1 Traveler production, unfolding to roughly 22 x 16″. This brochure is full of details and description of this popular Morris Mini-Traveller. Both for the Woody version and non woody version are clearly described in to brochure.

Well for the right, it is the well-known “Morris Traveler MK2” (Pub No: 2466) – Morris make a brave effort to present the MK2 Traveler in a good light. A very nice bright colour car, obviously taken a happy couple off for a sailing weekend, but why are they launching the boat from what looks like the back of a council office block? Brave effort, but you can tell that the golden days are over.

1969 Austin Mini-Cooper Mk2

austin cooper mk2 austin cooper mk2 austin cooper mk2

austin cooper mk2 austin cooper mk2 austin cooper mk2

1967 – 1969
Production of Austin and Morris Mini-Cooper Mk2
Details: All changes in line with the Mk2 non-cooper model. Grille style standardized between Austin and Morris.
Engine size: 998cc
Original price: £631

Well, for Mini MK2, the mechanically has a little changed, although a larger 998cc engine now appeared alongside the 848cc A-series. The Mk II lasted only 2 years when the wind-up window Mk III appeared in 1969 also bringing to an end the separate Austin / Morris name badges.

Austin Mini-Cooper S Mk2
Austin Mini-Cooper S Mk2
1967 – 1970
Production of Austin and Morris Mini-Cooper ‘S’ Mk2
Details: Similar specification to the Mini-Cooper model but with twin fuel tanks, 4½ inch rims as standard, different badges and a larger engine. Outlived the other Mk2 models until the Mk3 ‘S’ was introduced.
Engine size: 1275cc
Original price: £849
Mini Cooper S

Mini is getting more and more famous during 60’s to 70’s, the R&D for Mini move on very fast to MK3 and this make MK2 had a very short production time in the past. MK2 model was appeared from 1967 to 1970 which is about 4 years, and it still has many years to go until classic Mini Cooper last generation MK7.

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