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Classic Mini Car Body Parts


Here you can download the Classic Mini Car Body Parts document. This document includes Mini Body shell parts number and the part number for different version of Mini. Unfortunately, it does not have John Cooper works inside. The Model available in this document is from 1959 until 1990 onwards.

 It does include Mini underframe, valances as well as front and rear subframe. Now you will know how many parts or weight that John Evans lift on his head.

Several Mini body shells area available such as standard MK IV, MK V, Mini Clubman, Mini Clubman 1275GT, Mini Traveller, Mini Van and also Mini Pickup. This document has clearly list down the body parts such as front grille assy, bumper mtg rail, diagonal strut grille, bonnet, Mini wing, windscreen comp assy, roof panel, door panel … etc. It helps to get the right body parts for the right car. This document is in PDF file. Hope you enjoy the download!

Click Here To download Zip format:

Malaysiaminilover.com – Mini Body Parts (ZIP) – 593KB


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