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Classic car values can be from 50 bucks to nearly a million. The value for any classic cars are determine by several major factors such as car body condition, car engine, car accessories, the originality of the car, as well as the total production of the car. A classic car value can be higher than any new car even thought the car engine won’t start if the car is highly demand by classic car collectors and has a very limited production during it’s time. However, there is still a standard guide for those who are new to classic cars, study well before you made your purchase so that your deal is not over than market price.

How to determine classic car values?

The final value is to be determined base on few major factors:

Car maker, model, and manufacture year

The basic information of the car such as the car maker, model, and manufacture year is important. In America, according to Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), the car must be at least 25 years old or older to qualify as classic car. Generally all classics are antiques, but not all antiques are considered classic. The classic car era is from 1960 to 1972 but antique cars era started even earlier than that before World War I.

Body condition

The body condition for a classic car is hardly 100% in perfect condition according to its age. It the car body is too bad it just like any cars under 1000 dollars and the value will not be high. This is the major issue to consider when you want to buy a classic cars, as other parts can be replace easily but body work will cost the most.

Engine condition

Whether it is in good running or not running condition. Any oil leakage or mechanical problem such as piston ring issues…etc. The mileage is no longer an issue when it comes to classic cars, the odometer show on the car might have already turn few rounds and back to few hundred miles like a new car. You may able to get classic cars under 500 dollars which the engine is totally out and need a replacement or a full rebuild.

Original car parts

This is another important issue to consider the classic car values. The more original parts are still with the car and in working condition, the higher value it is. Some of these parts may no longer available in the market, a lot of effort and money is needed to get back these parts and get it restored to the car. Therefore it plays an important factor.

Where to find free classic car values

There are several ways to find out the value of a classic car. The easiest way is to find out from classic car blue book. Another famous book is known as the “Gold Book” Gold Book was established in 1968 and it is the oldest continuously published authority on collector car values. However, the value of classic or antique cars typically increase consistently through time, thus here we provide few resources for you to access the car value real time.

NADA Guides provides classic car values online for free. Get the value and specification for any cars you want to collect either a collectible, or sports cars.

Kelly Blue Book does provide blue book values for classic cars, but these prices are not published online by KBB.com, it only available in book for sale in America.

The Branson Auction provides information and real time auction price for three decades of service to the collector car.

MECUM provides high performance live auctions through internet video feed. You can find a number of muscle cars and collector from the website. A good way to know the car value is to find out how much majority car owner is selling their car in the market.

Alternatively, you can find a local auto appraisal such as AAG to have an independent inspection by the professional before you made your purchase to any cars. In conclusion, isn’t there is no waste to buy or invest your money into a classic car after you get to know classic car values?

1951 Mercedes-Benz 220 Coupe


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